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Continued Support

Reaching the Community

NC State Entrepreneurship resources extend beyond current students. Faculty, staff, alumni and the greater entrepreneurship community can all benefit from the university’s support and resources.

Learn more about the programs that offer continued support to faculty, alumni and the Raleigh-area entrepreneurship community.

Andrews Launch Accelerator

The NC State Andrews Launch Accelerator (ALA) provides NC State startup founders the opportunity to jump-start their entrepreneurial journey. Learn more.

Alumni Entrepreneurs

The Alumni Entrepreneurs is an organization for current or previous business founders looking to become more deeply involved with entrepreneurship at NC State. Learn more.

Chancellor’s Innovation Fund

Established in 2010 by NC State with the support of Chancellor Randy Woodson, the Chancellor’s Innovation Fund (CIF) awards up to $75,000 to support short-term commercially focused research projects. Learn more.

Entrepreneur Initiative for Food

The Entrepreneur Initiative for Food assists entrepreneurs in bringing shelf-stable foods to market by providing testing services and process recommendations. Learn more.

Raleigh Founded at Centennial

Raleigh Founded’s mission is to foster inclusive communities of entrepreneurs who create lasting social and economic impact. Raleigh Founded does this through providing physical space and resources to start-up companies, growing teams, remote workers to lower the barrier of entry to starting or growing a business. Raleigh Founded is building space for impact. Learn more.

Mentors Program

The NC State Entrepreneurship Mentors Program facilitates interaction between industry experts and entrepreneurial-minded students at NC State. Mentors are accepted on a rolling basis. Learn more.

Miller Fellowship

The Dr. Thomas Kenan Miller III program bridges the gap between graduation and pursuing a startup full time by providing a short-term salary and other resources for the first six months after graduation. Learn more.

NC State Office of Research Commercialization

The Office of Research Commercialization (ORC) plays a crucial role in protecting and promoting University research discoveries and intellectual property, working with and guiding industry partners and promoting the acceleration of startups. Learn more.

Wolfpack Investor Network

The Wolfpack Investor Network (WIN) supports the NC State entrepreneurial community with an angel investing platform and a co-investment fund that engages and leverages the power of the NC State alumni network. Learn more.

$9 Million

Invested by the Wolfpack Investor Network

Major Events

In addition to a long list of programs with specific areas of focus, NC State engages the community through major events.

NC State offers events that bring together members of the entrepreneurship community including students, faculty and staff, alumni and local business leaders. Annual events include Entrepalooza, NC State’s fall entrepreneurship festival, and Lulu eGames LIVE, NC State’s biggest startup competition every spring. Additionally, the university invites the community to engage in smaller events throughout the year as listed on the event calendar.