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To apply to LaunchPad, create a Campfire account and access the application through the support section.

NC State Innovation and Entrepreneurship has developed an incubator program to support early-stage undergraduate and graduate student startups. During the incubator, students will work on furthering their concepts through a variety of fundamental practices like doing customer discovery, exploring business modeling and thinking through commercialization strategy.

The incubator occurs over a rolling 10-week period, but students can earn one elective credit this spring semester by enrolling in LaunchPad through ECE 383-003.  Non-credit seeking participants may enter at any time.

While the cohort will meet weekly for update sharing, the program gives students access to an asynchronous library of resources and lets them navigate them at their own pace. Throughout the incubator period, participants will also be connected to mentorship and other forms of support. Each week will kick off with founder updates including what’s working, road blocks, and goals for the week.

To apply to LaunchPad, create a Campfire account and access the application through the support section.

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Modular Content

An overview of customer discovery and an introduction to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

Learning how to identify and validate ughs to make sure your business is solving frustrations, dissatisfactions, and unfulfilled desires your customers actually have.

A focused lesson on conducting relative market research.

Learn how to test and validate demand for your concept quickly, and cheaply.

Brush up on the basics of developing and prototyping a minimum viable product.

This topic covers the basics of actually going out and validating customer satisfaction for a product or service, and determining if the business model can work.

This module covers the basics of giving a pitch and telling your story in an engaging way.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship will connect incubator participants to resources and opportunities once they have mastered the content offered in the incubator. Continuing support could be for additional programs like the Miller Fellows or Andrews Launch Accelerator as well startup competitions and startup packages.

Program Requirements

All companies in the cohort will be introduced to mentors and advisors in their respective areas and are expected to set up meetings with those individuals. Incubator attendees are required to take part in the campus-wide mentorship program, outside of direct pairings that may be made.

Companies will get access to a resource database as part of being a cohort member. Additional marketing, prototyping and new venture creation coaching or resources may be applied throughout the program’s duration. 

Weekly incubator sessions will take place in the Albright Entrepreneurship Garage or Entrepreneurship Clinic, and participants will be required to attend in person.

Startup packages may be created at the conclusion of the incubator, tailored to fit the next steps of each venture that meets core requirements and has proven a runway to commercialization. Startup packages are based on merit, likelihood of commercial success and other requirements established by the NC State Innovation and Entrepreneurship leadership team. 

Teams should plan to work from the Albright Entrepreneurship Garage or earmark time specific to building their venture (5-10 hours per week). Teams will benefit from meeting other aspiring founders during weekly meet-ups in which pizza or other refreshments will be provided. Ventures are highly encouraged to share a 1-minute update on their progress each week and meet with alumni.

To apply to LaunchPad, create a Campfire account and access the application through the support section.

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