Entrepreneurship Clinic

Embed, Engage, Execute

Inspired by the university teaching hospital model, the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic integrates research, teaching and real world experience by providing a place where faculty, students, entrepreneurs and service providers go to teach, learn and build the next generation of businesses in Raleigh.

Housed in HQ Raleigh, one of the Triangle’s largest co-working hubs, the Entrepreneurship Clinic immerses students in an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Much like a medical student observing and learning from a surgeon in an operating room, clinicians observe and learn from startup founders.

The Clinic’s mission is to produce the highest quality, entrepreneurially-minded students with the skills to make a big impact.

World-Class Partnerships

In 2019 Wells Fargo turned to NC State Jenkins MBA team to assist with a Digital innovation concept

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The Entrepreneurship Clinic is made up of students taking the course for credit and volunteer hours spanning across NC State’s campus, including and open to all colleges.

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