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Entrepreneurship Clinic

Embed, Engage, Execute

Inspired by the university teaching hospital model, the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic integrates research, teaching and real world experience by providing a place where faculty, students, entrepreneurs and service providers go to teach, learn and build the next generation of businesses in Raleigh.

Housed in Raleigh Founded, one of the Triangle’s largest co-working hubs, the Entrepreneurship Clinic immerses students in an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Much like a medical student observing and learning from a surgeon in an operating room, clinicians observe and learn from startup founders.

The Clinic’s mission is to produce the highest quality, entrepreneurially-minded students with the skills to make a big impact.

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Wells Fargo Digital Innovation Concept

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The Entrepreneurship Clinic is composed of student clinicians from multiple disciplines and majors across campus. The students take the course for credit and with the guidance of their professors, work with clients – from startups to corporations – to help the clients validate their solutions and identify next steps.

Students graduating with experience in the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic will leave with an expansive network, hands-on experience and skill development, and better concepts – ultimately making them better entrepreneurs, team-members on startups, or employees for entrepreneurial-minded companies. Currently, the easiest way to engage is through one of our classes. You can email the Program Manager at to see what classes are available in a given semester.

Partner companies, from early stage startups to scaling businesses, apply to the Clinic with specific business issues and needs. Student teams meet with company applicants, evaluate their weaknesses, and develop and execute a strategic action plan to help them solve a specific business need.

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Additional eClinic Resources

Our eClinic programs expand beyond the classroom. Learn about additional ways students, alumni and community members can participate in programming via the opportunities below.