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Mentorship Program

In partnership with the eClinic, this program is designed to help you branch out, connect and build powerful connections.

Are you an NC State student with a business idea, curious about exploring mentorship at State, or just looking to build a support network for whatever your future career may be? The Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program is just the place for you!

The goal of the Entrepreneurship Mentors Program is to accelerate the growth of our students through connections to a tribe of mentors that volunteer their valuable time to help our entrepreneurs succeed.

About the Program

The Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program focuses on

  • Adding value for both the student and the mentor
  • Forming mentorships over time through social engagement
  • Creating long-lasting many-to-many relationships

How it works

  • We meet 3 times per semester (1x per month) at high-growth ventures headquarters.
  • By signing up to the mentorship program students are commiting to attending all 3 mentorship programs throughout the semester
  • We facilitate structured activities and open networking to enable all our members to build relationships.
  • We leverage Ask the Pack to allow our mentors and mentees to connect online before and after the program
  • To sign up for the program scroll to the “Join the Mentorship Program” section below.

Mentors provide

  • Years of experience and insight in various industries and backgrounds
  • Different strategies for how to approach problems
  • Connections to employers or startup resources
  • Feedback and support

We mentor students who

  • Want to practice networking skills and are interested in learning from industry experts
  • Are interested in testing ideas or concepts and are seeking help
  • Enjoy learning from other people, especially those who have different life experiences.

Join the Mentorship Program

If you’re interested in being a student mentee, please fill out the application below. By applying to join the program you will be invited to all mentorship events this semester via Google Calendar. You are highly encouraged to attend as many as you are able! 

If you’re interested in being a mentor for the program, please fill out the application below. We thank you for your valuable time in advance!