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Mentorship Program

Connecting students and community for long-lasting impact.

Student Application 

About the Program

The mentorship program matches students that are looking to grow professionally through the development of a mentor network that can provide them with guidance and feedback as they move forward in their professional lives, and pairs them with some of our network’s best mentors. We connect students to the right people at the right time to help guide their entrepreneurial journey.


Are you an NC State student with a business idea, curious about exploring mentorship at State, or just looking to build a support network for whatever your future career may be? The Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program is just the place for you!  

The goal of the Entrepreneurship Mentors Program is to accelerate the growth of our students through connections to a tribe of mentors that volunteer their valuable time to help our entrepreneurs succeed.

We offer mentees the tools and opportunities needed to build meaningful connections with one another, as well as mentors from our community. For more information about the specific perks of being in the I&E Mentorship program, see below.

Access to Campfire

  • The Campfire portal is a one stop shop for students to find opportunities to get engaged with innovation and entrepreneurship, collaborate and organize venture ideas, and to find support and mentorship for the projects they’re working on and for their own professional development.
  • If you don’t already have access to Campfire, being part of the mentorship program will add you to the Campfire portal.

Access to mentee-specific engagements

  • Mentee-to-mentee connection-building opportunities 
  • Engagement opportunities that put you in contact with our program mentors, in order to enable closer development of 1-on-1 mentor-mentee relationships

Access to Mentorship Newsletter

  • Once monthly newsletter detailing opportunities to get engaged with mentorship, other student mentee activity, and other program news


Are you a community member with an interest in helping students grow as professionals, especially in areas related to entrepreneurship and innovation? Join the Mentors Program today.

One of the most critical aspects to engage and embed entrepreneurial and innovative students is a well-organized mentorship network. The goal of our mentorship program is to accelerate the growth of our students through connections to a tribe of dedicated mentors. 

We offer mentors the tools and opportunities that enable them to directly mentor students, attend engagements that allow them to interact with multiple students and teams – ranging from mixer-style engagements to competition, judging and more – and to attend engagements that allow them to interact directly with other mentors.

Access to the virtual membership panel

  • Gain insights to what entrepreneurial projects are starting at NC State
  • Get a live view of all engagement opportunities available to mentors through the program
  • Directly support and connect with students through answering student submitted support requests 

Access to mentor-specific engagements

  • Mentor to mentor connection building
  • Mentee to mentor connection building
  • Opportunities to get involved with events and engagements through things like judging, speaking opportunities, etc.

Access to the mentorship newsletter

  • Once monthly newsletter detailing opportunities to get engaged, student activity,  and other program news