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Getting Started with Entrepreneurship

Dive into the entrepreneurship ecosystem at NC State

At NC State, there are entrepreneurship programs to engage every interest. We know you’re busy, and it can be hard to find a place to start, so we’ve provided a few ways to get plugged into the entrepreneurship community.

Find a Space to Work on Your Ideas

At NC State, big ideas have room to grow. From our Entrepreneurship Garage, to the DH Hill Makerspace, to our off-campus Entrepreneurship Clinic and a living and learning Entrepreneurship Village, our student entrepreneurs have vital resources to innovate.

Attend an Entrepreneurship Event

Through a year-round calendar of events, we help student entrepreneurs build relationships with future collaborators, experienced mentors and prospective investors. Find opportunities to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Compete in an Entrepreneurship Competition

NC State offers a bevy of competitions for students looking to throw their ideas into the ring. Whether you’re at the idea stage or seeking to expand a venture that’s further along, these competitions award money to student businesses looking to grow.

Entrepreneurship Academic Offerings

Building an entrepreneurial-mindset at NC State is enhanced through classroom engagement. Students across all academic disciplines have the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship through NC State’s many academic programs that include majors, minors and an undergraduate certificate.

Discover Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

NC State’s co-curricular programs are designed to complement the learning taking place in the classroom. A packed schedule connects students, alumni and industrious community members who share a clear focus on developing the next generation of entrepreneurial thinkers and doers.

Join our Mentorship Program

Are you an NC State student with a business idea, curious about exploring mentorship at State, or just looking to build a support network for whatever your future career may be? The Entrepreneurship Mentorship Program is just the place for you!

Find your Path to Entrepreneurship at NC State

Take this quick quiz to discover which NC State entrepreneurship program is a fit for you?