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Academic Offerings

Building an entrepreneurial-mindset at NC State is enhanced through classroom engagement. Students across all academic disciplines have the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship through NC State's many academic programs that include majors, minors and certificates.

Certificates in Entrepreneurship

Looking to fold entrepreneurship into your academic career? NC State’s certifications in entrepreneurship provide students credit for participating in both interdisciplinary and discipline-focused studies of entrepreneurship. Explore both undergraduate and graduate certificates in entrepreneurship here.

Minors in Entrepreneurship

From business, to non-profits and the arts, minors in entrepreneurship give students the option to bolster their major with knowledge on entrepreneurial endeavors. Take a look at NC State’s entrepreneurship minors here.

Majors in Entrepreneurship

NC State has several offerings for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying entrepreneurship. Explore these majors in entrepreneurship here.

Programs in Entrepreneurship

NC State’s programs in entrepreneurship offer students the option to apply an entrepreneurial approach to a variety of industries including, but not limited to, engineering, agriculture, business, and the arts. Check out NC State’s entrepreneurial academic programs here.

Entrepreneurship Course Listings by College

NC State offers a large collection of introductory and advanced entrepreneurship and innovation courses for both undergraduate and graduate students. Toggle below to see a listing of entrepreneurship courses offered at your college. Note: Please remember to check NC State’s Course Catalog to search course availability each semester and sign up for classes. Asterisks demote graduate-level courses.

  • EMA 110 – Introduction to Arts Entrepreneurship
  • EMA 293 – Independent Study in Arts Entrepreneurship
  • EMA 295 – Special Topics in Arts Entrepreneurship
  • EMA 365 – Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship
  • EMA 370 – Practical Arts Entrepreneurship
  • EMA 375 – Understanding the Arts Economies
  • EMA 430 – Capstone Experience in Arts Entrepreneurship
  • EMA 493 – Advanced Independent Study in Arts EntrepreneurshipEI 100: Entrepreneurial Thinking in the Albright Entrepreneurs Village (Albright Entrepreneurs Village Residents Only)
  • EI 201: Exploring Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • EI 331: Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Thinking I: Skills and Planning Basics
  • MIE 310: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • MIE 410: Business Opportunity Analysis
  • MIE 411: Managing a Growth Venture
  • MIE 412: Finance and Accounting for Entrepreneurs
  • MIE 413: New Venture Planning
  • MIE 416: The Legal Dynamics of Entrepreneurship
  • MIE 418: Social Entrepreneurship Clinical Practicum
  • MIE 419: Entrepreneurship Clinical Practicum
  • MBA 553: Business Process Design and Analysis*
  • MBA 555: Product Design and Development*
  • MBA 570: Opportunity Evaluation & Value Creation*
  • MBA 571: High Growth Entrepreneurship*
  • MBA 572: Venture Opportunity Analysis Analytics*
  • MBA 576: Technology Evaluation and Commercialization Concepts*
  • MBA 577: High Technology Entrepreneurship*
  • MBA 578: Venture Launch Practicum*
  • MBA 579: Entrepreneurship Clinic Practicum*
  • MBA 536: Experience Innovation and Strategic Design*
  • MBA 580: Creating Value in Organizations*
  • MBA 590: Special Topics In Business Management*
  • BUS 790: The Psychology of Entrepreneurship*
  • ECE 383: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and New Product Development
  • ECE 482: Engineering Entrepreneurship and New Product Development I
  • ECE 483: Engineering Entrepreneurs Program and New Product Development II
  • EGR 506: Managing New High-Tech Product Launches
  • BME 451: Biomedical Engineering Senior Design I
  • BME 501: Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship I – Needs Discovery*
  • BME 502: Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship II – Design and Regulation*
  • BME 503: Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship III – Product Development*
  • BME 551: Medical Device Design I
  • PS 203: Introduction to Nonprofits
  • PSY 710: The Psychology of Entrepreneurship
  • HI 380: History of Nonprofits, Philanthropy, and Social Change
  • COM 466: Nonprofit Leadership and Development
  • NPS 395: Real Social Change
  • NPS 490: Internship in Nonprofit Studies
  • NPS 498: Capstone Seminar in Nonprofit Studies
  • EMA 110: Introduction to Arts Entrepreneurship
  • EMA 365: Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship
  • EMA 370: Practical Arts Entrepreneurship
  • EMA 375: Understanding the Arts Economies
  • EMA 430: Capstone Experience in Arts Entrepreneurship
  • ID 492: Special Topics in Industrial Design
  • ID 582: Innovation and Design
  • ARE 270: Principles of Agribusiness Entrepreneurship
  • ARE 370: Agribusiness New Venture Development
  • ARE 470: Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Clinical Skills Development
  • FTM 310: Entrepreneurship and New Product Development in Textiles
  • FTM 484: Strategic Planning and Decision Making in the Textile and Fashion Industries
  • TE 401: Textile Engineering Design I
  • TE 402: Textile Engineering Design II
  • TE 589: Smart Textiles Inc.
  • ES 495-601: Special Topics in Environmental Science – Environmental Behavioral Change

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