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NC State Founders’ Pledge

Paving the way for future entrepreneurs

Pay It Forward for the Pack

As NC State alumni, friends and entrepreneurs, you know what it means to think and do the extraordinary better than most. Now, you can help student start-up creators follow in your visionary footsteps.

The Founders’ Pledge is a personal and nonbinding commitment you can make to financially contribute to NC State. Your pledge can be made for any amount, can be payable at any time and, most importantly, can demonstrate to our current students that the extraordinary really is possible.  Here at NC State, we know that the strength of the wolf is the Pack. We want to empower the next generation of NC State entrepreneurs and future-focused individuals through your stories of success. Become a founder today and help us further our mission of creating economic, societal and intellectual prosperity for all.

Take the Founders’ Pledge. Fuel the dreams of tomorrow’s graduates. Join a cohort of proud NC State donors. Support the Pack.

Take the Founders’ Pledge

Join the Pack of Founders’ Pledge donors

Fuel the dreams of tomorrow’s graduates


NC State’s Founders’ Pledge program is designed to cultivate philanthropic relationships, inspire future major donors and raise the visibility of NC State Entrepreneurship.

Founders’ Pledges are nonbinding; they will not be counted as pledge/gift commitments to NC State. Instead, they will be considered “good faith” pledges that will be fulfilled at some point in the future. Those who make a Founders’ Pledge will decide when to fulfill their respective pledges, the amount of their gifts and how their gifts will be designated at the university — for example, for a specific program, department or initiative.

Through NC State’s Founders’ Pledge program, company founders, principal investors and stakeholders are invited to make a nonbinding pledge to give back to NC State when they achieve a level of financial success — for example, after an IPO, an acquisition/exit or a period of steady revenue growth. Many of the individuals who make a Founders’ Pledge will have formed a legal entity, company or nonprofit, but this is not a requirement for making a Founders’ Pledge.

Once a Founders’ Pledge has been fulfilled, the individual will be recognized as an exclusive Founders’ Pledge Donor to NC State. In addition to their effects on NC State and its students, those who commit to supporting NC State with a Founders’ Pledge will be recognized on a Founders’ Pledge page of the NC State Entrepreneurship website. They will also join a cohort of VIP insiders who receive exclusive engagement opportunities with the university.

No! A Founders’ Pledges is intended to be a “stretch” gift marking an accomplishment or milestone of success in the donor’s entrepreneurial journey. As a result, Founders’ Pledges can be made for any amount.

Alumni and friends can easily signal their desire to make a Founders’ Pledge through a form on the NC State Entrepreneurship website or by contacting program staff at 919-513-3676 or When the time is right to fulfill a Founders’ Pledge, members of NC State’s University Development team can help arrange the transfer of the gift to the university in a way that is most advantageous to the Founders’ Pledge Donor.

Pave the Way

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