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Albright Entrepreneurs Village

Where students turn ideas into reality.

The Albright Entrepreneurs Village (AEV), located on Centennial Campus, is NC State’s living and learning community for student entrepreneurs. AEV provides sophomores and above the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship on and off-campus.

Residents have the opportunity to explore their interests in a supportive community. Specialized programming includes mentorship and networking events, trips and tours, and regular meetings with alumni and startup founders. Villagers also benefit from joining like-minded peers, and peer mentors, and having access to competitions and social events all designed to expand your entrepreneurial skills and mindset in a fun environment.

Village Benefits

The Village offers a 1-credit class during the fall semester of your first year at AEV that brings in speakers and focuses on identifying entrepreneurial opportunities and skill-building to maximize your time in the AEV.

The village also hosts year-round community socials, has a private Slack channel to communicate, and has been known to throw an awesome end-of-year BBQ, among other traditions!

The Village promotes entrepreneurial thinking and leadership development through “hands-on” activities and community speakers to gain valuable knowledge. The Village also offers design simulations and competitions with prizes to support students building ventures and encourages skill development across all disciplines and career pathways.

The Village provides professional and peer mentorship opportunities for our students to promote venture and professional skills growth for aspiring ​entrepreneurs. This includes eConnect, our digital advice-seeking platform featuring mentors from many different industries.

Village residents have the opportunity to attend multiple local startup tours throughout the year and an annual trip to a new city. Past annual trips have included Washington D.C. and Chicago. In addition, many Village residents take part in the fall break trip to New York City and the spring break trip to Silicon Valley offered by NC State Entrepreneurship.

The Albright Entrepreneurs Village is located in Innovation Hall in Wolf Ridge Apartments on Centennial Campus. Wolf Ridge and Innovation Hall include many wonderful amenities listed below.

  • Multiple washers and dryers on every floor
  • Dishwashers in each apartment
  • On-site dining at On The Oval Culinary Creations
  • On-site fitness center with free weights and cardio equipment
  • Full-size beach volleyball court, ping pong table, and VR equipment
  • Dedicated resident parking and a WolfLine bus stop right behind the building

I find it fascinating to learn about new things and innovative ideas, and I feel that the people in AEV very much have this mindset!

Katie Nelson

Albright Entrepreneurship Villager

How to Join

Applications for the Albright Entrepreneurs Village open in early spring during housing selection for fall move-in. Schedule a meeting with us to learn more about the Village experience, tour a sample apartment or discuss availability options.

  • Currently have and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA
  • Have no active or pending conduct or academic integrity cases
  • Be eligible to live in Wolf Ridge Apartments (Transfer, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate)
  • Applications for Wolf Ridge Apartments and the Village may be accessed through MyPack Portal.

Spots fill up quickly so be sure to apply or make contact with the village director as soon as possible!

History of the AEV

Andy Albright, the co-founder and president/CEO of National Agents Alliance (NAA), and his wife Jane made a $5,000,000 gift to establish the Albright Entrepreneurs Village on Centennial Campus for student entrepreneurs. The Albright’s gift marks the first-named living and learning village at the university.

Get In Touch

Whether you want to learn more about the village, ask questions about the application process or want to chat about partnerships – we’re here for you!

Haley Huie

Director of Experiential Learning and Albright Entrepreneurship Village

The Andrews Launch Accelerator helps NC State founders turn their visions into reality. 🌟

Through a generous donation from Lyn and Chip Andrews, we allocate equity-free seed capital to startups that complete the Accelerator. This program gives @ncstate  founders the opportunity to jumpstart their entrepreneurial journey. We provide founders with funding, resources and guidance to take their startup to the next level. 

So, what makes a qualified team? Any team with a member that has ties to NC State either as an undergraduate student, graduate student or a recent alumnus (up to 5 years post-graduation) from any NC State program. 

Applications are due on March 30. 🔗 Link in bio.

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The strength of the wolf is the pack... 🐺

The NC State Entrepreneurship Alliance is a federation of university departments, programs and groups offering opportunities for the NC State community to learn and explore various aspects of entrepreneurship. Member organizations collaborate on events and meet often to discuss and share new initiatives.

Together this group works to advance the culture of entrepreneurship throughout the university. With over 20 members students have access to many different resources to help them succeed and achieve their goals.

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"My name is Juliana Bohland and I am a second-year master's student in the Higher Education Administration program here at NC State! I have had the pleasure of serving as the Graduate Assistant for the Albright Entrepreneurs Village the past year and a half, but my journey into the world of Entrepreneurship was definitely unplanned and unintentional. Needless to say, I am so glad I've had the opportunity to work with this incredible community of students and staff! I vividly remember interviewing for the position thinking, "what in the world are they doing interviewing me?" During the conversation, I am pretty sure I even said, "I really don't know much about entrepreneurship." My background is in Public Relations and I am in this master's program so I can set myself up to one day be a successful development officer for an institution. How would that be connected to entrepreneurship? Fast forward a few months and I found myself TA-ing a course about entrepreneurship! Through the course, I quickly learned that entrepreneurship is everywhere and its skills are transferrable to any and all industries - even mine. It is inspiring to see my students learn, grow, and thrive in this environment, and I can't wait to continue to cheer them on throughout their careers!"

#FacesofthePack Meet Juliana Bohland (@jules_bohl), a masters student in the Higher Education Administration program at @ncstateced. Juliana is also the Graduate Assistant for the #AlbrightVillage.
Mark your calendars! 📆 

The next Design Challenge Series will be starting on Feb. 1. Stay tuned to find out what the next challenge will be. 🚀

The Design Challenge Series gives students the opportunity to solve real world problems. At the end of the month, students will submit a solution statement and their prototype for judging. The winners get bragging rights and NC State Entrepreneurship swag. 

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Pro-Series: Make It, Snap It, Sell It gives students the opportunity to gain the skills to create something in our prototyping lab, get hands-on training on how to professionally photograph the item, and ultimately get the tools you need to sell it. 

The first session is on Feb. 1 from 11 am - 12 pm at the Garage. Space is limited so sign up now!

Sign up with the link in our bio!

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A weekend FULL of all-out innovation. Students compete in teams to create the best solution to a sustainability challenge. Whether it’s about water, waste, energy, transportation or food — that’s up to you and your team to decide.

At the end of the competition, you will pitch your idea to judges from the community and local companies. And, yes, there are prizes for the winning teams: $2,000 for first place, $1,000 for second place and $500 for third place.

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NC State Entrepreneurship serves as a unifying hub for entrepreneurship across campus. 

We believe that whether you want to start your own business or work in an established company, anyone can become an entrepreneur at NC State. Through a wealth of programs and initiatives, we provide you with everything you need to grow your entrepreneurial mindset. 

While we have a large entrepreneurship alliance across campus, our homebase is on Centennial Campus in the Partners I building across from the Hunt Library. 

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Katie Lawson (@katie_lawson10) came to @ncstate from Apex, NC and is now graduating with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a minor in Cognitive Science from the College of Engineering. 

Katie’s college career was nothing less than spectacular. She was an Entrepreneurship Student Ambassador and Entrepreneurship Scholar, a resident at the Albright Entrepreneurs Village, a member of the Pack Motorsports Baja Racing Team and an undergraduate research assistant. Katie recognizes the impact these extracurricular experiences have had on her life and sat down to reflect with us as she approaches graduation.

Keep reading about Katie's story with the link in our bio.

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🚨Entrepreneurship Student Takeover🚨

Kai Bele (@kaibele) is a sophomore studying business administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship at @ncstatepoole. He is a resident at the Albright Entrepreneurs Village and an Entrepreneurship Student Ambassador. 

He is taking over our Instagram story to show you around the Albright Entrepreneurs Village and the Entrepreneurship Garage. 

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Back in 2016, Andy Albright (@andysalbright) and his wife, Jane, made an investment in entrepreneurship at @ncstate with a generous $5 million dollar donation that allowed us to build the Albright Entrepreneurs Village on Centennial Campus. 

As an NC State alum, from @ncstatewilson, Andy wanted to give students the opportunity to make a big change in the world. 

Five years later, the Albright Entrepreneurs Village is booming with fun activities and lots of traditions it is the place to live on campus. You can apply now to live in the AEV next year with the link in our bio.

"When I committed to my study abroad semester in the US, I had no idea what to expect. I didn't know what the Albright Entrepreneurs Village was or how big the entrepreneurial community at NC State would be. Coming here from one of the smallest countries in Europe, everything was on a new scale. It was all the more surprising how welcoming the whole community was.

In the few weeks I was able to spend here at NC State, I met so many people from all over the world. Every single person I spoke to had a different background and different goals and ambitions in life. Everyone was open to sharing their story and helping each other along the way. The support you get in this community is just incredible." 

#FacesofthePack Meet Noah Gassner (@noahgassner), an exchange student studying Aerospace Engineering at @ncstateengr. He is also a member of the #AlbrightVillage!
It seems fitting that the last #MentorshipMeetup of the semester falls during #GlobalEntrepreneurshipWeek! Join us on Nov. 11 at 6 pm for free food, drinks and fun at @revgennc on Hillsborough St.

If you are an @ncstate student looking to start your own business or you want to expand your network for whatever your future holds, the Entrepreneurship Mentorship Meetup is the place for you!

Here you can learn more about entrepreneurship, meet your peers and gain knowledge from our experience mentors. 

We host this event in partnership with @ncstateeclinic!

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There is no doubt that taking the dive into entrepreneurship can be intimidating. Getting resources and insight from other people can be so helpful! 

Haley Huie, the Director of Experiential Learning and the Albright Entrepreneurs Village, gave us some recommendations to share with you. 🚀

Check out the article with the link in our bio. 

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"When I came to NC State I knew what I wanted to major in, or so I thought. After changing my mind six times, I found myself joining Mechanical Engineering which led me to join Pack Motorsports my sophomore year. Pack Motorsports involves designing, building and competing with a mini-baja car. I learned all about 3D design, manufacturing and teamwork. The hard and soft skills I have learned paved the way to several job opportunities.

A year later I stumbled upon the Entrepreneurship Program. I was off to a slow start getting involved but decided to go on a spring break trip to Boston with the Village. We visited Entrepreneurship Programs at Boston College and MIT while also hearing from an entrepreneur at a local coffee shop and the founder of CarGurus.

This trip kicked off COVID-19 where I started selling homemade blankets to make a little money, and since coming back to school I have loved supporting local, attending Entrepalooza, and even entering the Energy Pitch Competition. While I don’t currently have my own venture, I know the experience I’ve gained at NC State will help me get started because I do see myself being an entrepreneur someday. For now, I’ll continue to open myself up to opportunities along the way."

#FacesofthePack Meet Katie Nelson (@katie._.nelson), a senior studying Mechnical Engineering at @ncstateengr. Katie is also a part of the #AlbrightVillage!
Are you planning your spring schedule? Have you considered taking an entrepreneurship course? 

Entrepreneurship courses at @ncstate help students build an entrepreneurial growth-mindset through classroom engagement that is beneficial for students looking to start their own business OR work in big company! 

Students can take courses by themselves or participate in one of the many major, minor or certificate options available at NC State!

Learn more with the academics link in bio!

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