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Your one stop shop for starting new things, getting engaged with innovation and entrepreneurship, and finding mentorship and support.

The Campfire portal is the hub for students to organize what they’re working on, find opportunities to get engaged with innovation and entrepreneurship, and to find support and mentorship for the projects they’re working on and for their own professional development.

Joining Campfire

Access is free for all NC State students. To get started, complete the Campfire sign-up form and you will receive an email invitation to sign into the portal and get started.

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Sparks are student led projects, startups, and companies that are at NC State. Sparks can be as early stage as just a blooming idea, and as late stage as a company with investment, revenue, and profits.

Creating a Spark is the most direct way of getting NC State staff and mentors aware of what you’re working on, making it more likely that the right resources and introductions will be made for them at the right times.


The Engagements section shows all of the opportunities to get engaged with innovation and entrepreneurship at NC State.

Attend a pitch competition, a speaker series, or a networking event.

Join an organization, group, or space. For instance, joining the Mentorship Program, the Garage, or the Social Innovation Fellows.


The support section of Campfire contains tools and resources for getting students the mentorship and support they need.

The “Want It Got It” board connects students based on skills and need, facilitating collaboration and getting students one step close to launch.

Campfire also hosts a support request system where students can submit support requests specific to their venture’s current needs to the NC State Innovation and Entrepreneurships mentor network and staff members.