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Anna Petrova

Anna (Anya) Petrova graduated with a Master of Industrial Design. During her time at NC State, she served as a Social Innovation Fellow and partook in the Silicon Valley trip touring companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Bolt. Pre-COVID, she traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with the ASB team to work with local entrepreneurs to build socially responsible tourism. She is the founder of Wolfe Cravings, which makes gluten-free Tiramisu. Her mission is to bring crave-worthy food to grocery stores making it easier for families and people with celiac disease to enjoy the pleasures of food.

“I am excited to be a part of the Miller Fellowship because I will be joining the ranks of NC State Entrepreneurs. The ventures coming out of NC State are forward-thinking and I am humbled to be part of such a supportive ecosystem to grow my venture,” says Anna on why she is excited to be a part of the 2021 Miller Fellows Cohort. 

Connect with Anna on LinkedIn. Check out her business Wolfe Cravings