Intro to Ideation

An immersive seminar that trains students through the ideation phase of their entrepreneurial journey

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Interested in being an entrepreneur but having trouble coming up with ideas? Or do you have ideas but are unsure if they are “good” or “bad” ideas?  This seminar will help you work through the ideation phase of your entrepreneurial journey and help you identify a good idea vs. bad idea.

Students that are interested in learning how to become more fluent and creative at brainstorming, who want to learn about creativity and its role in ideation, and who want to be able to spot a billion-dollar idea should apply for this seminar. 

The seminar will follow the following structure:


We will meet every Tuesday for 4 weeks from 3-4 p.m. starting on Tuesday, February 23. Students that sign up for the seminar must commit to attending 4 consecutive weeks in order to obtain a certificate of completion. 


Enrollment is limited to a dozen outstanding NC State undergraduate or graduate students from any discipline or major. The application period runs through February 14, and the cohort is announced on Feb. 16. 

Please email Monica Smith with any questions about applying to the Ideation Seminar. 

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Teaching Team 

Marshall Brain II

Engineering Entrepreneurs Program Director

Monica Smith

Marketing and Community Development Manager