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ACC InVenture Prize 2021 Judge’s Toolkit

Here you will find all the tools you need to judge the April 7, 2021 competition!

A big thanks to our judges!

Thanks again for helping us judge the 2021 ACC InVenture Prize Competition on April 7, 2021., hosted by NC State University. Your main goal will be to choose our 1st ($15,000) and 2nd place ($10,000) winners as well as top 5 finalists teams. All winners will be announced on April 21, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. via the ACC InVenture Prize website and  PBS stations across the ACC.

Scoring Sheet

Click here to access the scoring sheet.

Each judge has a unique pin that will be emailed to you individually. Please check your inbox to retrieve the pin, subject line: “ACC IP Judge Pin.” We encourage you to log in before April 7 and practice with the toggles if possible. Judging criteria is found at the top of the scoring sheet.

Judging Schedule

Judging will take place on April 7, 2021 from 3:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. via Zoom. Here is the schedule for the day.

Zoom Link for April 7th Event


Question Leaders

Each judge has been assigned as a question leader. The question leader is responsible for asking the first question after we stop playing the pre-recorded pitch. We encourage you to review the pitches and materials found below ahead of time and jot down notes ahead of time if possible. There will be approximately 7:40 for Q&A with each team.

  1. Ravila: SugEx – Syracuse University
  2. Marques: Brave Virtual Worlds – University of Virginia
  3. Ravila: Medi-Kool – Florida State University
  4. Bob: UV Scope – NC State University
  5. Marques: Mound Power – University of Notre Dame
  6. Marques: StudentSide – Duke University
  7. Bob: EATS2SEATS – UNC – Chapel Hill
  8. Marques: LZRD Tech – Georgia Tech
  9. Ravila: DoseDEFENSE – University of Louisville
  10. Bob: munchlabs – University of Miami
  11. Bob: Reachable Solutions – University of Pittsburgh
  12. Ravila: Nature’s Gift – Clemson University
  13. Bob: GiveCard – Boston College


Each team is composed of 1-6 students and they will each get 10 minutes in a Zoom meeting room with the judges. We will introduce the team by team name and the university they are representing and then play the 2:20 minute pitch they have submitted for the competition. As soon as the video stops playing, the question lead will kick off the live Q&A section of the competition. You will have approximately 7:40 mins for Q&A with each team.

You will see a 1-minute warning via the chat. At exactly 10-minutes, Monica will appear on the screen and announce time is up. Students will log off and judges will be sent to a deliberation room so we can prepare for the next team in the main room. We will only have a 5-minute buffer between teams.

Competition Website

Competing Team Info

Click on each team name below to see the following information:

  • Team Short Description
  • Team Long Description
  • Team Pitch Video
  • Team Members
  • Powerpoint Slides

SugEx Short Description

SugEx improves the blood sugar monitoring experience through user-centered design.

SugEx Long Description 

Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic that affects close to half a billion people. Managing it can be extremely complex for those who have been diagnosed. People who are concerned with maintaining a healthy blood sugar level (ie. diabetics) use several devices which have been described as inconvenient, painful and even discouraging.

Team SugEx combats that issue with a unique, all-in-one alternative: a smart, wearable glucose monitoring system called the SugEx Watch. The SugEx Watch is first, an accurate medical device, but second, it’s your daily companion. Our vision began with the purpose to tackle the less tangible diabetes effects that existing technologies continually overlook. At our company, the term “quality of life” takes on a new meaning.

SugEx is pioneered by two students on a mission to improve the Sugar Experience of the 440 million diabetics worldwide. Russell Fearon, the CEO, is a mechanical and biomedical engineering graduate student. Ricardo Sanchez is an industrial and interaction design undergraduate.

SugEx Pitch Video 

SugEx Team Members

  • Russell Fearon – Mechanical Engineering
    Ricardo Sanchez – Industrial Design

SugEx Powerpoint Slides

Click here

Brave Virtual Worlds Short Description

Brave is developing motion capture hardware and data-driven software for sports to revolutionize how people view human kinetics.

Brave Virtual Worlds Long Description 

Approximately 8.6 million sports injuries occur every year according to the U.S. Department of Health, with 3.5 million occurring in children below the age of 14. The associated economic cost in the short-term of injuries is estimated to be upwards of $20 billion a year for collegiate and high school athletics alone.

Through 100+ customer discovery interviews with athletes, coaches, trainers, and physical therapists, we found three key problems in athletics that relate to injuries: (1) Lack of quantitative analytics for individual injury prevention and performance for athletes (2) Inefficiency of tracking team performance of all athletes simultaneously (3) Lack of a smart and scalable motion data management system.

The Brave product is designed to address the three problems outlined above. Our product benefits athletic teams on the field, at home, and during recovery. The mobile app and web portal provide real-time immediate feedback and post-session analysis using an in-house machine learning pipeline. We will provide unique data visualizations and simulations of all athletes utilizing our custom-made motion capture technology. Our product combines to create a central and intuitive management system for athletic teams.

Currently, we are working with the University of Virginia (UVA) Men’s Rowing team to collect and analyze rowing data indoors as well as on the water. We are also evaluating golfing data at Glenmore Country Club in Keswick, VA. Clinically, we are collaborating with a group at Mary Baldwin University on an IRB biomedical study to assess injury prevention.

Brave Virtual Worlds Pitch Video 

Brave Virtual Worlds Team Members

  • William Kodama – Electrical Engineering
  • Dhyey Parikh – Biomedical Engineering
  • Evan Magnusson – Computer Engineering

Brave Virtual Worlds Powerpoint Slides

Click here

Medi-Kool Short Description

Medi-Kool can save countless lives by maintaining the quality of temperature-sensitive medication during main power grid outages.

Medi-Kool Long Description 

The lack of proper cooling for insulin and other temperature-sensitive medications during a power outage due to events such as natural disasters causes hundreds of otherwise preventable deaths. In fact, diabetic complications are among the leading causes of death after a natural disaster. When disaster victims are facing the loss of their homes and livelihoods, the last thing they should be concerned with is access to critical medication.

Currently, no product on the market provides a comprehensive solution for storing temperature-sensitive medication during a long-term power outage. Medi-Kool is designed to address this important need.

Medi-Kool is a portable, all-in-one cold storage unit designed to preserve temperature-sensitive medications during power outages. When disaster strikes, the system can be deployed to store critically needed medication until main grid power is restored. The solar-powered system is temperature-controlled to prolong power usage and includes a battery pack and foldable solar panel capable of over 300 hours of performance. The system is preset to maintain the medication’s temperature between 2°C and 8°C, the standard for most temperature-sensitive medications but can be adjusted as low as -15°C by the user.

While Medi-Kool is designed to store a full prescription of insulin, it can also store glaucoma eye drops, EpiPens for life-threatening allergic reactions, and any other drugs or vaccines that require refrigeration. We believe Medi-Kool can save countless lives by protecting these medications when nothing else can and providing invaluable relief to those who need it most.

Medi-Kool Pitch Video 

Medi-Kool Team Members

  • Travis Amaral – Mechanical Engineering
  • Zoe Dillehay – Mechanical Engineering
  • Nick Georgevich – Mechanical Engineering
  • Keon Glass – Mechanical Engineering
  • Diego Mendoza – Electrical Engineering
  • Andrew Sayers – Mechanical Engineering

Medi-Kool Powerpoint Slides

Click here

UV Scope Short Description

A reusable handheld device to detect bacteria for organizations who need to guarantee cleanliness such as hospitals and food processing plants.

UV Scope Long Description 

The UV scope is a handheld UV spectrometer that will enable food processing and medical professionals to measure the bacterial concentration of a surface in real-time.

Currently, this technology only exists in the research lab and relies on the use of extremely expensive equipment. We are building a compact device that leverages recent advancements in sensors and electronics to build a product that will change the way sanitation is measured and validated everywhere.

Human error in hospital sanitation leads to hundreds of thousands of illnesses and thousands of deaths yearly from unnecessary infection due to insufficient validation of their procedures and chemicals.

Additionally, food processing plants spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on ATP chemical test strips verifying their machines are safe for food production.

We are creating a handheld, battery-operated device, that will feel much like a portable barcode scanner you may see employees use at the grocery store. Instead of reading barcodes, we are looking at the concentration of bacteria present on a surface by transmitting ultra-violet light. Introducing bacteria to deep UV light makes them fluoresce, or emit their own different light. This light is still invisible to the human eye but we can detect it with our spectrometer and analyze the data to determine the concentration of bacteria.

We believe this technology has the capacity to significantly limit the spread of disease and change how hospitals and the food industry operate.

UV Scope Pitch Video 

UV Scope Team Members

Monique Reid – Biomedical Engineering
Chloé Sanchez-Prado – Biomedical Engineering
Alexander Allen – Electrical & Computer Engr
Keith Mellendorf – Computer Engineering

UV Scope Powerpoint Slides

Click here

Mound Power Short Description

Mound Power provides affordable lower body force analysis to baseball coaches and pitchers of all levels so they can reduce injuries and maximize pitching performance.

Mound Power Long Description 

Baseball pitchers are obsessed with efficiency. The more they can tweak and develop their game, the better chance they have of making it to the big leagues. Pitchers spend hours and hours improving mechanics to reduce injury risk and improve performance. Coaches and biomechanics experts agree that the key to success as a pitcher is solid lower body mechanics.

By refining the propulsive motion produced by their back leg, pitchers can remove strain from the fragile tendons in their arms and increase their pitch velocity. Unfortunately, no affordable technology currently exists that can accurately measure a pitcher’s lower body engagement.

Mound Power is changing the game by providing coaches with quantitative lower body force measurements in real-time. The Mound Power device uses Bluetooth to connect with our user-friendly mobile application where the force measurements are organized and displayed. Using a phone to record, Mound Power pairs visualized data with synced slow-motion video to provide detailed insight into a pitcher’s mechanics. With the information and guidance provided by Mound Power, average coaches can discern what adjustments are necessary to keep their pitchers healthy and effective as if they had a full staff of biomechanics experts at their side.

Mound Power Pitch Video 

Mound Power Team Members

Richard McManus – Electrical Engineering

Mound Power Powerpoint Slides

Click here

StudentSide Short Description

StudentSide is a platform facilitating candid conversations between current high school and college students about life on campus.

StudentSide Long Description 

StudentSide is a college marketing and analytics tool that helps schools leverage their most valuable asset: their current students. Prospective students can chat with current students for 30 minutes, one-on-one over zoom. The data from all chats across different schools is compiled and processed so that colleges can better understand how to optimize their marketing spend. StudentSide provides prospective students with personalized insights into student life from the comfort of their homes, and mentors with simple and flexible passive income.

StudentSide Pitch Video 

StudentSide Team Members

  • Dan Hepworth – Computer Science
    Nick Dahlborg – Economics
    Simar Kohli – Computer Science

StudentSide Powerpoint Slides

Click here

EATS2SEATS Short Description

EATS2SEATS provides fundraising opportunities for nonprofits by partnering with stadium concessions to meet staffing needs during sports and entertainment events.

EATS2SEATS Long Description 

EATS2SEATS restructures staffing operations through a mobile technology and business platform that allows nonprofits to sign up to work concession stands during specific times that fit their schedules, staffing capacities and fundraising goals.

The primary reason nonprofit organizations fail is financial instability. Fundraising is challenging for most organizations, but especially for smaller nonprofits. Event venues–particularly sports stadiums and arenas–have long partnered with local nonprofits to work concession stands, helping them raise money for their causes. Typically, nonprofits contract with venues to staff a specific concessions stand for an entire season. However, due to the longevity of seasonal contracts and the extensive human capital required, smaller nonprofits have trouble meeting the contract requirements. As a result, too many nonprofits lose fundraising potential, while concession businesses lose revenue from slow, understaffed stands.

Our system bridges the costly staffing gap and remediates venue inefficiencies. With a personalized approach to meeting nonprofit’s capabilities, EATS2SEATS saves venues resources and expands access to fundraising channels in the communities we serve. Additionally, EATS2SEATS provides excellent service to fans through preordering, food delivery and contactless pickup. Our multi-faceted business model provides value to venues, fans, and nonprofits alike.

Post-COVID, partnerships with EATS2SEATS will enable venues to get quickly back on their feet, and nonprofits to reemerge supercharged a : we will fuel their missions, and their missions will fuel our impact.

EATS2SEATS: serving concessions and communities, one snack at a time.

EATS2SEATS Pitch Video 

EATS2SEATS Team Members

  • Mary Laci – Business Administration

EATS2SEATS Powerpoint Slides

Click here

LZRD Tech Short Description

A compression arm sleeve with integrated grip-enhancing textile technology that allows the user to grab more while staying protected.

LZRD Tech Long Description 

LZRD Tech was founded around our grip-enhancing LZRD compression sleeve used to reduce the likelihood a football player would fumble the ball. Our unique combination of grip enhancement, moisture removal, abrasion resistance, and integrated compression offers something never before seen on the market. The LZRD sleeve proved to be an instant hit among NFL and collegiate athletes alike. As our growth progressed, we came to the realization that this technology might have appeal to a broader customer.

Package handlers, warehouse workers, caregivers, moms and dads carrying in the groceries; the list goes on and on for those who need a way to improve their grip and protect their arms.

Though many users may not be “D1 athletes”, they are engaged in active movements where securely handling their “football” is also important. It may not be a football, but chances are you have seen delivery drivers carrying many boxes who could use a boost in their grip. It’s no secret that athletes are given the best equipment and treatment to give them the greatest chance at success. Our mission at LZRD Tech is to treat the active worker like we would the Division I athlete.

Our internationally patented grip-enhancing arm sleeve allows the user to grab more, protect against abrasions, stay cool, and reduce fatigue. This product equips the everyday person with technology once only reserved for our top sportsmen and sportswomen. Everyone deserves to be given the star quarterback treatment, and that’s what drives us here at LZRD Tech.

LZRD Tech Pitch Video 

LZRD Tech Team Members

  • Michael Pullen – Biomedical Engineering

LZRD Tech Powerpoint Slides

Click here

DoseDEFENSE Short Description

DoseDEFENSE is a pill bottle insert that limits pill output to just one at a time, allowing patients to assert better control over their medication.

DoseDEFENSE Long Description 

DoseDEFENSE is a pill bottle insert that prevents accidental overdoses by limiting pill output to just one at a time. To prevent parents and grandparents from spilling loose pills, allowing you to better control your medication. What makes DoseDEFENSE truly unique is that we sell directly to pharmacies and over-the-counter medication producers to ensure that each and every medication bottle is safe before it even reaches the consumer.

DoseDEFENSE Pitch Video 

DoseDEFENSE Team Members

Abigail Cheek – History

DoseDEFENSE Powerpoint Slides

Click here

munchlabs Short Description

munchlabs’ unique restaurant expansion kits allow for existing commercial kitchens to add thousands of dollars per month in revenue without large capital investment or major changes to their businesses.

munchlabs Long Description 

munchlabs allows for restaurants to generate additional revenue by using their existing space and implementing our restaurant expansion kit. munchlabs currently operates four different restaurant concepts that can be applied nationwide to any existing restaurant, including a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night concept. Restaurants will choose one or more expansion packs, be mailed the equipment required to add the concept to their space, and onboarded onto our platform. Once they have completed our onboarding program, munchlabs will begin listing their restaurant on our website and delivery platforms in their area. munchlabs will handle all transactions, raw materials, and other supplies for the concept and pay out profits to the franchise owner bi-weekly. In the last year, we’ve seen COVID-19 have a devastating impact on restaurants nationwide. munchlabs helps these businesses tap into the growing delivery apps without large capital investment or major changes to their businesses.

munchlabs Pitch Video 

munchlabs Team Members

  • Collin Lee – Business Administration

munchlabs Powerpoint Slides

Click here

Reachable Solutions Short Description

Reachable Solutions helps people with limited mobility reclaim independence by assisting them to do daily tasks through simple, discreet, and affordable accessibility devices.

Reachable Solutions Long Description 

When limited mobility becomes an issue, personal independence is often compromised. Our users describe how their difficulties in putting on a jacket, a task which may appear trivial, can severely hamper their ability to go outside for entire months of the year.

The inability to complete these ADLs (activities for daily living) is the primary reason over 9 million people are part of the long-term care system. Typically listed as the most difficult ADLs is dressing, including things like putting on a jacket. Our first product, the JacketJoy, addresses this issue and was developed with and for our users: it’s simple, portable, discreet, completely independent to use, and affordable. We’ve tested with over 100 users, half of whom couldn’t independently wear a jacket in over a year, and every single user could put on their jacket within 4-16 seconds with our device.

Since then, we’ve worked on designing other devices directly addressing the concerns of people with limited mobility, keeping the same quality standards we set when developing the JacketJoy: we’re currently patent-pending on two devices, with many more in development! Some of these new devices solve specific mobility issues such as helping people with limited upper body strength and balance get up from falls and helping people with a limited range of motion reach things that are now too far away. We’re Reachable Solutions, and we’re helping people regain independence, one task at a time. Learn more about us at!

Reachable Solutions Pitch Video 

Reachable Solutions Team Members

  • Ravi Gandhi – Computer Engineering
  • Katherine O’Malley – Mechanical Engineering
  • Melody Whittaker – Biomedical Engineering
  • Joshua Zito – Mechanical Engineering
  • Isabella Stash – Business Administration

Reachable Solutions Powerpoint Slides

Click here

Nature’s Gift Short Description

Nature’s Gift is the reusable tampon applicator for people who want to incorporate sustainable practices into their personal menstrual routines without compromising on comfort.

Nature’s Gift Long Description 

In America, almost 7 billion tampons and tampon applicators were thrown away last year alone. With approximately 88% of tampon applicators being made of single use plastic, disposable applicators contribute significantly to waste issues.

The rise in sustainable mindsets is pushing forward more environmentally-conscientious shoppers, even within the realms of personal cosmetics and hygiene. Products like menstrual cups and period panties have risen in popularity recently as people who menstruate try to cut down on personal waste and incorporate more sustainable menstrual practices.

However, going green with menstrual products can be a daunting and oftentimes uncomfortable experience. Menstrual cups require users to learn entirely new processes for use and the clean-up process can get messy, especially when users are on-the-go. Cardboard tampons can be extremely uncomfortable or painful during insertion, even for experienced tampon users.

Nature’s Gift is the reusable tampon applicator for people who want to incorporate sustainable practices into their personal menstrual routines without compromising on comfort. Our product applies sustainability to the familiarity that many users already have with tampons. Nature’s Gift utilizes a unique petal design and hygienic materials to create a flexible applicator and smooth deployment process. When used with plain cotton inserts, Nature’s Gift cuts down on the 240 tampon applicators a user throws away each year.

People who menstruate know that periods are already a hassle to deal with, so why should being sustainable make it even harder? With Nature’s Gift, you can help the environment while also helping yourself.

Nature’s Gift Pitch Video 

Nature’s Gift Team Members

  • Claudia Sisk – Bioengineering
    Marissa Jansen – Health Science

Nature’s Gift Powerpoint Slides

Click here

GiveCard Short Description

Specialized debit cards for the homeless.

GiveCard Long Description 

GiveCard is a tech nonprofit that issues specialized debit cards, digital donation systems and revolutionary financial planning to empower people facing homelessness. After over two years of operating, GiveCard is one of the first organizations able to bank someone without information like an address or SSN, and with just $500 can stabilize the life of a young mother and her family. This year GiveCard looks to support hundreds of families with our cards.

GiveCard Pitch Video 

GiveCard Team Members

  • Lurein Perera – Computer Science
    Diksha Thach – International Studies

GiveCard Powerpoint Slides

Click here

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Monica Smith if you have any questions.

Cell: (818)521-4508