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Founders' Pledge

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Meg Alden, MD

Chief Medical Officer, mōmi brands, inc.

Chris Clarke

Managing Director, Aligned Technology Group

Michael Evans

Co-Founder, 321 Coffee

Chris Evans

CEO, Aries-USA

Charles Gaddy

Co-Founder, Global Data Consortium

Catherina Gomes

CEO and Founder, 700 Rivers

Brandon Kashani

Founder and CEO, TRAKID

Matt Loszak

Founder, Aalo Atomics

Tyler Maloney

Founder of Faves, TeachMe.To and Undercover Colors

Marc McConnaughey

President and CEO, iatrixAir, Inc.

Tom Miller

Founder and President, NExS Software, Inc.

Greg Mulholland

CEO, Citrine Informatics

Ritika Shamdasani

Co-Founder, Sani

Bryan Toton

CEO and Co-Founder, Gel Formations, LLC President & Founder, Eat for Prosperity, Inc.

David Watkins

Founder, PlanMyKids, Inc.

Lindsay Wrege

Co-Founder and CEO, 321 Coffee

John Zemonek

Founder & Managing Director, Aligned Technology Group

Erkang Zheng

Founder and CEO, JupiterOne