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Get connected to the entrepreneurship ecosystem at NC State

At NC State, there are entrepreneurship programs to engage every interest. We know you’re busy, and it can be hard to find a place to start, so we’ve provided a few ways to get plugged in to the entrepreneurship community.
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Start Here Monday

During the fall and spring semesters, the Entrepreneurship Garage hosts Start Here Monday, casual office hours for NC State students from 1:00-2:00 p.m. every Monday.

At Start Here Monday, you can expect to:

  • ask questions about anything entrepreneurship
  • learn about the NC State programs you can get involved in
  • meet an Entrepreneurship Ambassador
  • talk about your business ideas if you have them
  • join the entrepreneurship community at NC State

Due to COVID-19 Start Here Monday will be held via Zoom for the fall semester and we will not be offering in-person Garage tours. Degree-seeking students can still use our Garage Prototyping space if they are active Garage members. If you’re not a member, learn how to apply for Garage Prototyping Space membership here.

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In class on Monday afternoons? No problem! Email to schedule a time to chat with someone from our team.

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Meet the Staff

NC State students looking for advice or recommendations can schedule a meeting with a staff member. Read more about our team’s areas of expertise below.

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[ncst_acf_importer layout=”feature_content”]{“section_title”:”Staff”,”url_text”:””,”url”:””,”no_background”:false,”number_of_columns”:”three-column”,”blocks”:[{“title”:”Jennifer Capps | Director of Student Learning and Faculty Development”,”teaser”:”\”I am happy to help you in any way that I can, but I am especially strong in the following areas: opportunity identification and development, customer needs analysis, entrepreneurial team development and entrepreneurial leadership. Additionally, if you have questions involving education, classroom management and curriculum development, bring them my way. I am also a great resource if you want to learn more about academic opportunities in entrepreneurship including general education courses and the certificate program.\””,”call-to-action”:”Meet with Jenn”,”url”:””,”image”:{“ID”:18930,”id”:18930,”title”:”JAC Portrait”,”filename”:”JAC-Portrait.jpg”,”filesize”:318380,”url”:””,”link”:””,”alt”:””,”author”:”16″,”description”:””,”caption”:””,”name”:”jac-portrait”,”status”:”inherit”,”uploaded_to”:18917,”date”:”2018-10-30 20:29:54″,”modified”:”2018-10-30 20:29:54″,”menu_order”:0,”mime_type”:”image/jpeg”,”type”:”image”,”subtype”:”jpeg”,”icon”:””,”width”:1500,”height”:844,”sizes”:{“thumbnail”:”×150.jpg”,”thumbnail-width”:150,”thumbnail-height”:150,”medium”:”×169.jpg”,”medium-width”:300,”medium-height”:169,”medium_large”:”×432.jpg”,”medium_large-width”:768,”medium_large-height”:432,”large”:”×576.jpg”,”large-width”:1024,”large-height”:576}}},{“title”:”Haley Huie | Director of Experiential Learning, Albright Entrepreneurs Village and Entrepreneurship Garage”,”teaser”:”\”I love working with students and hearing about any and all ideas! I have a background in sales, customer success and retention, operations across large and small companies, networking and building high-performing teams. I encourage students to talk about their ideas so that we can help connect them with other content experts, once we learn about their goals and challenges. If you have questions and aren’t sure where to start, let’s set a time to talk!\””,”call-to-action”:”Meet with Haley”,”url”:””,”image”:{“ID”:21466,”id”:21466,”title”:”haley_website”,”filename”:”haley_website.jpg”,”filesize”:838643,”url”:””,”link”:””,”alt”:””,”author”:”20″,”description”:””,”caption”:””,”name”:”haley_website”,”status”:”inherit”,”uploaded_to”:18917,”date”:”2019-05-29 00:18:57″,”modified”:”2019-05-29 00:18:57″,”menu_order”:0,”mime_type”:”image/jpeg”,”type”:”image”,”subtype”:”jpeg”,”icon”:””,”width”:1500,”height”:844,”sizes”:{“thumbnail”:”×150.jpg”,”thumbnail-width”:150,”thumbnail-height”:150,”medium”:”×169.jpg”,”medium-width”:300,”medium-height”:169,”medium_large”:”×432.jpg”,”medium_large-width”:768,”medium_large-height”:432,”large”:”×576.jpg”,”large-width”:1024,”large-height”:576}}},{“title”:”Kenneth Proseus | Event and Operations Coordinator”,”teaser”:”\”I’m more than happy to share my experience regarding event coordination, arts entrepreneurship, as well as how to join and engage local communities and institutions. I’ve worked as an arts administrator for the last four years, and have been working professionally as an artist for almost a decade. If you find the art world intimidating, it’s not just you! I aim to provide clarity to things like festivals, events, and the contemporary art world, as well as help make fulfilling connections locally and beyond.\””,”call-to-action”:”Meet with Kenneth”,”url”:””,”image”:{“ID”:21963,”id”:21963,”title”:”kenneth_headshot”,”filename”:”kenneth_headshot.jpg”,”filesize”:644312,”url”:””,”link”:””,”alt”:””,”author”:”20″,”description”:””,”caption”:””,”name”:”kenneth_headshot”,”status”:”inherit”,”uploaded_to”:18917,”date”:”2019-06-24 16:27:01″,”modified”:”2019-06-24 16:27:01″,”menu_order”:0,”mime_type”:”image/jpeg”,”type”:”image”,”subtype”:”jpeg”,”icon”:””,”width”:1500,”height”:844,”sizes”:{“thumbnail”:”×150.jpg”,”thumbnail-width”:150,”thumbnail-height”:150,”medium”:”×169.jpg”,”medium-width”:300,”medium-height”:169,”medium_large”:”×432.jpg”,”medium_large-width”:768,”medium_large-height”:432,”large”:”×576.jpg”,”large-width”:1024,”large-height”:576}}},{“title”:”Eren Hebert | Technical Lead”,”teaser”:”\”Eren is the Lead Technician for the Entrepreneurship Garage. He has extensive knowledge of design, materials, prototyping and manufacturing. Eren spends most of his time helping students best utilize the Garage equipment to accomplish their project goals. If you have questions about Garage tools and equipment, or if you just need a little guidance, Eren is your best resource.\””,”call-to-action”:”Meet with Eren”,”url”:””,”image”:false}]}[/ncst_acf_importer]

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