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2021 Entrepreneurship Scholars Announced

NC State Bell Tower

NC State Entrepreneurship Scholarships are awarded to hardworking NC State students who have outstanding achievements in or involvements with entrepreneurship activities. The awarded money is intended to foster a diverse, multidisciplinary community of emerging leaders as they prepare to address the complex challenges facing society.

The Wolfpack community has always been known for their ability to roll up their sleeves and get things done. This cohort of Entrepreneurship Scholars proves that this Wolfpack legacy hasn’t slowed down a bit! We are inspired by these entrepreneurial minds and proud to support the entrepreneurial leaders of yesterday, today and tomorrow,” said Jennifer Capps, Interim Assistant Vice Provost of NC State Entrepreneurship.

2021 Entrepreneurship Scholars

Chloe Burleson – e5x Scholar and NC State Entrepreneurship Scholar

2021 scholar
Chloe Burleson

Chloe Burleson is a freshman studying international business at Poole College of Management. She plans to partake in Poole’s International Business Dual Degree Program where she will get the chance to study abroad during her time at NC State. Chloe also plans to be a part of the Impact Leadership Village to strengthen her leadership skills. 

Her goal is to connect and communicate with others in pursuit of uplifting and supporting communities and cultures around the world. Over the past four years, Chloe has started two businesses. She teaches piano and guitar to children in the Buncombe County area and composes and sells music to videographers in the Asheville area. 

“I am beyond thankful to be the recipient of the e5x Entrepreneurship Scholarship from Ms. JiNan Glasgow George and the NC State Entrepreneurship Scholarship. Not only will these scholarships support me financially during my first year at NC State, but they will also provide me with access to an amazing group of teachers, mentors and entrepreneurs,” said Chloe.

Rachel Harris – Alagu Periyannan and Theivanai Palaniappan Scholar and NC State Entrepreneurship Scholar

2021 Scholar
Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris is a senior studying industrial engineering at the College of Engineering. She founded NC State’s newest A cappella group, Chordination. Rachel is an Engineering Ambassador, an NC State Entrepreneurship Ambassador, the vice president of Alpha Pi Mu Industrial Engineering Honor Society, part of the University Scholars Program and involved with the Women and Minority Engineering Program.

Her goal is to connect her passion for music, engineering and entrepreneurship to impact those around her. One of Rachel’s favorite things about NC State is that everyone encourages each other to be involved and try new things. 

“I am very thankful to have been selected for the Alagu Periyannan and Theivanai Palaniappan Scholarship and the NC State Entrepreneurship Scholarship. This recognition really motivates me to continue being successful during my educational and entrepreneurial career. I am grateful to the selection committee and donors for investing in me as I continue being a leader and learner in the Wolfpack community,” said Rachel.

Ethan Turner – Sameer Murarka Entrepreneurship Scholar and NC State Entrepreneurship Scholar

2021 scholar
Ethan Turner

Ethan Turner is a sophomore studying electrical engineering at the College of Engineering. He worked at NC State’s Wellness and Recreation Center as a fitness assistant. Ethan is a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity at NC State, a part of the NC State University Scholars program and was recently selected to be a part of the NC State Entrepreneurship Ambassador program

His goal is to use electrical engineering to develop new analytical devices that would assist sports athletes or common everyday gym-goers in using the proper technique and in finding a personalized routine that works best for them. Ethan loves that no matter what major a student chooses, NC State encourages its students to “think and do.”

“I am beyond grateful to have received both the Sameer Murarka and NC State Entrepreneurship scholarships. These awards will allow me to focus less on boring part-time jobs and more on my studies and creating a business,” said Ethan.

Katie Lawson – Sameer Murarka Entrepreneurship Scholar and NC State Entrepreneurship Scholar

2021 scholar
Katie Lawson

Katie Lawson is a senior studying industrial and systems engineering with a concentration in human systems at the College of Engineering. She is also pursuing a cognitive science minor. She has competed in national pitch and racing competitions with NC State’s Pack Motorsport Baja Racing team. Katie has worked in Dr. Chang Nam’s Brain and Interface Lab as an undergraduate research assistant and was able to present her research in an educational setting at the 2020 IISE Annual Conference. She has also been involved with NC State Entrepreneurship since her freshman year from living at the Albright Entrepreneurship Village to being president of the NC State Entrepreneurship Ambassador program

Her goal is to advance technology and systems to increase functionality and usability for those serving our country in the Armed Forces. Katie loves that NC State’s innovative atmosphere encourages students to support each other and use their talents to create value all around campus. 

“I am honored to be selected as a Sameer Murarka Entrepreneurship Scholar and an NC State Entrepreneurship Scholar, and I am grateful for the opportunity to immerse myself in the program and lead the Entrepreneurship Student Ambassador’s program,” said Katie.

Josiah Hall – Frank J. Newlands, M.D. Entrepreneurship Scholar and NC State Entrepreneurship Scholar

2021 scholar
Josiah Hall

Josiah Hall is a junior studying business supply chain at Poole College of Management. He serves as a YoungLife leader at the Neighbor to Neighbor community center and is the president of the Club Basketball team at NC State. Josiah hopes to study abroad next summer to better understand business from an international perspective.

His goal is to leverage business profits, expertise and connections to serve those affected by systemic injustices in the United States and abroad. He founded and remotely operates “Clean-Cut Junk” – a service that hauls junk away from people’s homes. Josiah loves that NC State offers a great community for a wide range of people, pursuing different passions and goals. 

“As an entrepreneur, I am continuing to understand the enrichment that occurs in diligence, perseverance and adaptability. Thank you for aiding me in this process. These scholarships mean a great deal to me and my family. We appreciate others being intentional about using resources to support those of us at the beginning of our journey,” said Josiah.

Drew Lewis – Frank J. Newlands, M.D. Entrepreneurship Scholar and NC State Entrepreneurship Scholar

Drew Lewis

Drew Lewis is a sophomore studying sustainable materials and technology at the College of Natural Resources. He participated in the diversity and inclusion adventure experience through the Outdoor Adventure Center in fall 2020. Drew hopes to find more leadership roles on campus while building his network of like-minded peers.

His goal in life is to do everything to the best of his ability, while always maintaining his core values of honesty, integrity and perseverance. Drew loves that NC State has allowed him to continue his journey of personal and professional growth.

“In the unpredictable times, we are in due to the pandemic I couldn’t be more thankful for receiving these scholarships. As an entrepreneur and small business owner these scholarships provide great relief for this upcoming year knowing that I will have more time to focus on school and on-campus involvement,” said Drew.

To learn more about entrepreneurship scholarships, visit our website or reach out to Jennifer Capps at If you’re interested in partnering with us, please contact the Director of Development for NC State Entrepreneurship at