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Wondering How To Make An Impact As An Entrepreneur? Just Get Started.

In a "stroke of luck," Tyler Maloney got involved in entrepreneurship at NC State. Read how Tyler is now making popular sports more accessible as the founder and chairman of the board at TeachMe.To.

two golfers teeing off with the logo

Bringing an Education to Life

Tyler Maloney came to NC State as a Park Scholar and graduated in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering. His friend, Amkesh Madan, MSE ’14, recruited Tyler to his Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP) senior design team and through that “stroke of luck,” Tyler’s interest in entrepreneurship sparked.

Before the EEP experience, Tyler said he was a good student but felt like he was “mostly going through the motions” of receiving his education. Tyler said the EEP brought his education to life because he learned how to apply his knowledge to solve a problem. Often described as transformative, the exposure to entrepreneurship through the EEP program affected Tyler’s entire career.

Tyler Maloney

Since graduating, Tyler has earned an MBA from Stanford, founded 3 companies and raised over $20 million. Now, as chairman of the board at TeachMe.To, he is expanding access to sports and sports venues for customers, reducing the challenge of sourcing lessons from expert coaches and accessing members-only facilities.

People-Focused Problem-Solving

TeachMe.To not only “democratizes” traditionally “gate-kept” sports according to an industry expert, it also helps instructors build their client portfolio. Robert Valdillez, a TeachMe.To coach, PHYS ’17 alum, and current Ph.D. student in nuclear physics at NC State, has less pressure to market his skills to new students. With TeachMe.To funneling clients to Robert, he has more time and resources to give his new and existing customers.

Robert, left, is a TeachMe.To tennis instructor and a member of the Pickleball Club at NC State.

Robert said “I love the fact that TeachMe.To is bringing sports education to the general population through their cutting edge technology.”

Tyler added:

Golf and tennis are exclusive, country club sports. They are expensive, you need a membership to play, and a lot of important business relationships are formed by playing together. I’m proud that we’re making these sports more accessible to a broader, more diverse community. TeachMe.To provides lessons that are suitable for complete beginners and available at a price point that’s much more affordable than our competitors.

Tyler envisions TeachMe.To becoming the primary place that people go to learn anything new. The company is expanding into new sports, music and the arts. He said: “Airbnb opened people home’s to the world. We want to open their minds.”

Be Bold. Start Now.

Reflecting on his choice to attend NC State over Stanford or UNC – Chapel Hill, Tyler has no regrets. At NC State, Tyler had the support he needed to open new doors and make bold choices. As he explored the intersection of engineering and entrepreneurship, he challenged himself to take risks and pursue the less traditional career path of an entrepreneur.

When asked what advice he would give to other Park Scholars or NC State students interested in entrepreneurship he said:

Get started. Entrepreneurship is like playing poker. You may not win every hand, but if you play long enough you can tip the scales in your favor. Start now. Make mistakes while you’re young and they’re forgivable. And keep going. You will learn, you will get better, and if you’re committed to the path for the long haul, you will find success.

At NC State, anyone can be an entrepreneur. Visit Innovation and Entrepreneurship to get started.