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Getting Started with Entrepreneurship: Recommendations from Jennifer Capps

Portrait of Jennifer Capps in Hunt Library

Taking a leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship can be intimidating. Having resources to help point you in the right direction can make things a little easier. At NC State Entrepreneurship we have many resources and staff that are ready to assist you in your journey.

Jennifer Capps Headshot

Jennifer Capps is the Interim Assistant Vice Provost and Director of Student Learning and Faculty Development for NC State Entrepreneurship. For 20 years, she has had the opportunity to help create entrepreneurship programs at NC State. First in the Poole College of Management and then for the entire university with NC State Entrepreneurship. Her primary roles involve teaching, curriculum development, mentoring students, supporting faculty and being a leader among her team. Capps develops and delivers classroom content for the interdisciplinary general education course EI 201: Exploring Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Thinking. She also represents NC State Entrepreneurship on committees and in partnerships inside and outside the university and presents at entrepreneurship and innovation events around the world. She mentors faculty that are interested in implementing entrepreneurial thinking into courses and consults with organizations on developing entrepreneurial mindsets in their employees.

Here are Jennifer Capps’ recommendations.

Articles + Books

“Case Study: Can Solar Power Pay?” by Amy Barrett

“Inside Rent the Runway’s Secret Dry-Cleaning Empire” by Rebecca Greenfield

The Humility Imperative by Dave Balter (Book)

“The Ugly Unethical Underside of Silicon Valley” by Erin Griffith

“Switch: Don’t Solve Problems – Copy Success” by Dan & Chip Heath


Bring on the Learning Revolution by Sir Ken Robinson (17:41)

Changing the Education Paradigms by Sir Ken Robinson (11:41)

Standford eCorner Video Library (thousands of videos and clips)

The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown (20:03)

The Happy Secret to Better Work by Shawn Achor (12:04)

Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson (17:29)

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