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Meet Andrew Buchmeier – Student Ambassador and Entrepreneur

Portrait of Andrew Buchmeier

For many of us, figuring out what we want to do is a difficult choice. However, not for graduating senior Andrew Buchmeier. Andrew has had a passion for the automotive industry ever since he was a kid. Buchmeier says that he “viewed cars not only as tools as transportation but engineering marvels.” 

Fast forward to the present day and that passion is as strong as ever. Buchmeier will be graduating in May of 2020 with a degree in Supply Chain Management from the Poole College of Management as well as minoring in Renewable Energy Assessment from the College of Natural Resources. Buchmeier wants to use this degree to pursue opportunities within the automotive or technology industry. “I want to help a company’s supply chain be more stable and efficient,” he tells us.  

The Road to Graduation

Over the course of the past four years, Buchmeier has made the most of his college experience. He has been actively involved in NC State Entrepreneurship ever since his freshman year. To Buchmeier, entrepreneurship means “going out and taking a risk.” Buchmeier is a man of his word and took his own risk during his sophomore year. He successfully launched a valet laundry service tailored to on-campus dorms. Andrew reflects back on what he learned from that experience, having to wear the hat of every department of a business. He also is grateful that the experience helped lead to connections in job opportunities that he is still grateful for today. 

Here is Andrew pictured with fellow NC State Entrepreneurship students during the San Francisco Bay boat tour.

In addition to starting his own company in his sophomore year, Buchmeier was involved with the entrepreneurship community in different ways. One of his favorite highlights of NC State Entrepreneurship includes going out to Silicon Valley during his junior year to tour Apple, Google, Facebook, and many more ventures.

Buchmeier admits that COVID-19 has made it a little tough to enjoy this last leg of college to its full ability. Originally, he had planned to go travel before he starts his journey in the real world. However, he has chosen to view this situation in a positive light and says that he feels more productive now than ever. He attributes this boost in productivity to the reduced travel time and instant communication over our phone or laptops. He also adds that given this is the ‘new normal’ that he now has more time to reflect on past trends and try to predict what will emerge out of these times.

[pullquote color=’green’ align=’right’]Never forget to thank and encourage those that helped you along the journey.[/pullquote]

Here Andrew is pictured with fellow Entrepreneurship Student Ambassadors and Dr. Thomas Miller III.









Some of this reflecting has led Buchmeier to have advice towards those incoming freshmen and younger students. His number one piece of advice would be to “take every opportunity you can get.” He believes that NC State is full of the right resources and people, yet it is up to you to go out and make the most of these opportunities. Buchmeier is a firm believer that you never know what doors will open if you never go for it. He also suggests making sure that even while pursuing opportunities and improving upon yourself, to not forget to enjoy your experiences at college while they’re there. The final piece of advice Andrew Buchmeier shares is to “never forget to thank and encourage those that helped you along the journey.”