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EI Fellows Featured in FastCompany

EI Fellows Suraaj Doshi (c/o 2014) and Kyle Linton (c/o 2014), of Nicotrax, were recently featured in the popular technology magazine, Fast Company. As fellows, Doshi and Linton received a monthly stipend with continued access to the Garage, allowing them to pass up full-time job opportunities and instead focus on their company after graduation.

Nicotrax is focused on on taking down the number one cause of preventable death in the United States, smoking addiction. Through proprietary software and a “smart cigarette” pack, Nicotrax’s technology records smokers’ individualized habits, providing a cessation solution tailored to their unique needs. The team is currently in the process of raising money through an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign, with $7,400 raised to date.

“We’ve gotten tremendous support, advice, and connections from NC State and the Entrepreneurship Initiative, and we’re putting what we learned in the classroom to use every day. We have the opportunity to help millions of people live healthier lives,” Linton says. “Maybe one day we will create a smoke-free Tobacco Road.”

You can read Nicotrax entire feature in Fast Company here.