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VenturePack Challenge: Founder Update from CN-Seamless

The VenturePack Challenge 2023 Winners, CN-Seamless, experienced a year of innovation and growth.

Sam, Dario and Josh stand with an earlier prototype. also shown is a new handheld device
Sam Marcom, Dario Muller and Josh Cooper

At last year’s VenturePack Challenge, CN-Seamless took home the biggest cash prize in the non-Daugherty track. CN-Seamless created a device for precise field steel fabrication and is dedicated to transforming traditional CNC technology into a modular solution that improves portability and ease of use for industrial metal cutting.

The VenturePack Challenge is an NC State student competition created for the purpose of providing guidance, resources, mentorship and cash to NC State student entrepreneurs. All ventures, organizational types, size and stages are welcome in the VenturePack Challenge.

Sam Marcom, Josh Cooper, and Dario Muller met as undergraduates in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at NC State and were inspired to invent a machine that could be taken to a job site. A few years later they released the Mach 1 and delivered portable fabrication capabilities to some of the largest industrial companies in North Carolina.

Josh, a co-founder, reflects on their journey over the past year: “We successfully delivered our first batch of machines to two of the largest industrial companies in North Carolina. Following this achievement, we filed a provisional patent for our modular CNC system. Additionally, we developed a standalone custom software application to control our machine wirelessly via touchscreen tablet.” With every success, the company strengthens its credibility as innovators in the industry, increasing productivity and opening up new opportunities for fabricators.

“Thanks to the VenturePack Challenge, CN-Seamless, Inc. was able to file the provisional patent for our modular CNC system and cover a significant portion of the development cost for our initial batch of machines. These dilution-free resources catalyzed our growth, enabling us to begin working on CN-Seamless, Inc. full-time. The VenturePack Challenge is an incredible opportunity for students to turn their ideas into a reality. As proud alumni and former VenturePack award recipients, we urge students to Think and Do by applying today. Go Pack!”

For those aspiring to follow in CN-Seamless’ footsteps, the VenturePack Challenge offers a unique opportunity to turn ideas into reality. Applications for the 2024 VenturePack Challenge are live! Applications are due Feb. 18 at 11:59 p.m.