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Make-A-Thon: A Weekend of Innovation

Got any plans January 26th to 28th?! Well, now ya do. Come join us at Make-A-Thon for a weekend of ~innovation.~

Make-A-Thon is essentially a weekend long event that takes place at Hunt Library and DH Hill in effort to get students like you to be the reason our community and world becomes more sustainable.

Students work in teams to come up with solutions to a sustainability challenge, but then go a step further by prototyping those solutions! On the last day, community and industry experts will evaluate solutions within each category and award prizes to the winners. There will also be an overall winner and if that’s you, you’ll get major bragging rights. That’s pretty cool already, if ya ask me.

By now you must be wondering who could be on your team. Teams must consist of three or four people, and at least two of those people must be from separate colleges within NC State. That being said, don’t be afraid of registering if you don’t know any coding or designing – just bring your can-do attitude! If you have a partial team formed, don’t sweat it. They’ll provide you with the resources to find your long lost teammates.

“The reason I value Make-A-Thon is because it’s like a mission-driven Hack-A-Thon. It draws students from all over campus to create smarter cities and impact sustainability,” says Haley Huie, Director of the Albright Entrepreneurs Village on Centennial Campus.

Still not convinced? Unlikely. But just in case, here are some nifty stats:

  • 78% of Make-A-Thon participants have never participated in a design challenge or hack-a-thon style competition.
  • 89% said the experience exposed them to new tools and technologies
  • 100% said Make-A-Thon taught them about campus sustainability issues
  • 100% said Make-A-Thon gave them experience working on an interdisciplinary team
  • AND bonus, you could totally make a new best friend!

Now that you’ve got the 411 on Make-A-Thon, you can register and learn more at Let’s make this thing HAPPEN!! We provide the maker kits, tshirts, and food. You just bring your ideas. We’ll see you there!