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Fall 2016 Wolf Tank Winners

Last week’s Wolf Tank event was our take on Shark Tank and it was a huge success! First things first, we would like to thank everyone that came out to support us and our fellow student entrepreneurs.

We had a total of $2,500 to give out to contestants which was distributed among our Wolves (judges) evenly. However, each Wolf was only allowed to give out one business card to mentor contestants. Some contestants were offered two business cards and things got intense when they had to choose! Our Wolves were hungry for some amazing ideas and these promising entrepreneurs delivered!

Here’s a list of our winners:

RepairU: $500

RepairU is a company that repairs phones for students on campus. Each repair takes about 30 minutes to an hour and they promise to give you the best deal. The company was founded by Tristin Sweeney.


Painted: $500 + Business Card

Painted creates hand drawn paint sets that promote creativity and education. Each pack comes with a canvas, a paint brush, paints, a color guide, and a fact sheet about the animal drawn. Megan West, the creator of Painted, recieved $500 and a business card from Kathy Hensgen from Lulu.


NextWear: $500 + Business Card

NextWear is a line of smart clothing that is accurate and affordable created by Raj Bhakta. NextWear got $500 and a business card from Phaedra Boinodiris from IBM.


Homegrown – $500 + Business Card

Homegrown focuses on connecting local farmers to local restaurants in effort to provide fresher produce at a cheaper price. Alexander Tulenko, co-founder of Homegrown, received $500 and a business card from Justin Nifong, the founder of NK Patent Law.


Yaheard – $500 + Business Card

Yaheard is a social networking mobile app, co-founded by Robert Dates and Joshua Puente, that allows people to debate about current issues. Yaheard, was given $500 and a business card from Andy Albright, the CEO of National Agents Alliance and advisory board member of the EI.


MAMA – Business Card

Created by Jacob Myers, Halen Mattison, and Federico Araujo, MAMA is a desktop application that allows students to manage all of their assignments. MAMA was offered a business card from Lorie Goins, a patent engineer at IBM.

Congratulations to all of our winners! Use the hashtag #Pitch4YourLife on Twitter or Facebook to let us know if you’d to see this event next semester.


We’d also like to thank the following:

  • IBM for the event sponsorship – providing the prizes to award to our student entrepreneurs!
  • Kathy Hensgen, Justin Nifong, Andy Albright, Lorie Goins, and Phaedra Boinodiris – for serving as our Wolves for the event!
  • David Tillack – for taking the lead on event coordination!
  • Tanvi Tapadia, Kiersten Putnam, O’Licia Parker-Smith, Stephen Scheuerle, Brendan Boyle, Gus Vieweg – for putting this event together!


IBM is providing free cloud services to NC State students. Visit to download IBM BlueMix.


About the Author

Tanvi is a sophomore from Raleigh at NC State University studying Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She is interning at the EI as the Marketing Assistant. Tanvi manages the EI’s social media and helps promote and work the big events.