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2016 Lulu eGames Winners Announced!

Winners of the 2016 Lulu eGames were announced at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday, April 14, held in the Talley Student Union. Over 250 people attended the event to see the teams taking home over $60,000 in cash prizes. Congratulations to all the teams that competed!

New Venture Challenge:

1st: Trakex
2nd: Custom Nano
3rd: Bark

Judges’ Choice: Trakex & Bark
Fan Favorite Video: SnapSafe

Design and Prototype:

1st: SMSmart
2nd: Trakex
3rd: FilterDetect

Judges’ Choice: SMSmart and FilterDetect
Fan Favorite Video: BloomUnique

Arts Feasibility Study Challenge:

1st: Malkuta Project (also selected for the Audience Choice Award!)
2nd: Adelphos Longboards
3rd: Pop-Up Publications

Judges’ Choice: Alembic Headphones & Pop-Up Publications
Fan Favorite Video: Adelphos Longboards

B Corp Champions Challenge:

1st: Nonwoven Air Filtration Curtain
2nd: SuperVIZE
3rd: MitoSPEED

Judges’ Choice: SuperVIZE & Malkuta Project
Fan Favorite Video: Nonwoven Air Filtration Curtain

Daugherty Endowment Challenge:

1st: Smart Material Solutions
2nd: RiboWiz & Third Floor Materials
3rd: Custom Nano & Insight Finder, Inc.


Some photos from the event:

2016 NC State eGames Entrepreneurship Expo – Team FilterDetect #egames2016 #NCState

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Lulu eGames with my favorite celebrities!

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Mr. Wuf! ❤️???

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Ready for the Entrepreneurs Expo #BU #luluegames2016

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