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Sudeep Sarma

Chemical Engineering, Ph.D.


Sudeep is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in Biomanufacturing. His research is in the field of computational biophysics. Sudeep’s goal is to work in academia in India and conduct research in the field of computational biophysics and bioinformatics after a couple of years of postdoctoral experience in the United States after he completes his Ph.D.

His graduate career has been primarily shaped by his advisor Dr. Carol Hall who has won many accolades in the field of chemical engineering. Dr. Hall has taught Sudeep to ask the right questions and improve his science communication skills. Sudeep also had the opportunity to work at a local biotech startup based in Durham which gave him first-hand experience of the dynamic environment in the biotech space. He also had the opportunity to serve as the Professional Development Chair of the CBE Graduate Student Association during the 2020-21 session. This opportunity has helped Sudeep to network with the students of his department as well as the alumni network and improve his event planning skills.

In his free time, Sudeep enjoys weightlifting, climbing, playing tennis, cooking and traveling.