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Steven Lamm

ESAP Vice President of Communications / 4th Year, Industrial and Systems Engineering & Business and Entrepreneurship


I am from the Raleigh area and have been my entire life. My mission is to be the bridge between Engineering and Business-to find the best solution to a problem that can appease both engineers and management. I am also interested in working with startups and smaller businesses and helping them get off the ground. I am also a part of Alpha Pi Mu, NCSU’s ISE Honor Society.
I have contracted with Lime, the electric scooter company for almost 4 years now and I have helped on a local food truck in Raleigh called Stavi’s Sandwiches. It has been cool seeing a business grow over the last two years on the food truck!! I also have my own online store!
I believe networking is an instrumental part in not just entrepreneurship but in every aspect of our lives! I also believe mentorship is very valuable these days to help guide you through processes. Lastly, communication is a necessary trait to have whether it is within your field or just by starting a simple conversation saying “Hello.”
I have been a villager of the Impact Leadership Village (my freshman year) and a resident mentor of that village (my sophomore year), joined the Albright Entrepreneurs Village my junior year as a villager and I am back again for my senior year. I have been a Summer Start Menor for New Student Programs at NCSU, and a camp counselor for our ISE department here. I am looking to serve students in a bigger role as an Entrepreneurship Student Ambassador!