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Sarah Salahat

ESAP Vice President of Programming & Treasury / 3rd Year, College of Education & Computer Programming


Hey everyone!

My name is Sarah Salahat and I am a junior in the TDE program at NCSU. I enjoy learning new things, having fun, and relaxing. In my free time, I try to indulge in my interests such as Origami, Islamic art, and reading productivity books.

I got into entrepreneurship by accident in a way. During the pandemic, I started getting into productivity to help my study routine. Which led me to personal finance, app development, tech, and ultimately entrepreneurship. I wanted to pursue something that was people-focused, helps others, and is multidisciplinary, which turned out to be entrepreneurship. 


I do plan on starting my own tech company, but as of right now, I am working towards becoming a Product Designer in tech. More specifically, a User Experience Designer or an Interaction Designer. 


Feel free to contact me anytime!