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Ravila Gupta

CEO Bagchi Group


Ravila Gupta currently serves as the CEO of The Bagchi Group, which provides business strategy, financial services, and board and executive coaching, and helps teams make better-informed business decisions.

Previously, Gupta served as the president of Umicore USA Inc., a multi-billion-euro, global material technology company. Most recently, she served as CEO of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development where she helped connect entrepreneurial companies to high-value resources to accelerate business growth.

Ravila brings over 30 years of experience in a variety of fields including executive coaching, board service, executive-level business advising, strategic planning, change management, leadership development and board engagement. Gupta currently serves on two private advisory boards and two non-profit boards.

Ravila holds a Bachelors’ and Master’s in Chemical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal. She also holds a Juris Doctor in Law from North Carolina Central University.