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Nick Sischo

NC State Entrepreneurship Scholar


NC State Entrepreneurship Scholar

Nick is a Senior in the College of Natural Resources, earning a B.S. in Environmental Technology and Management with a minor in Computer Science from the College of Engineering. 

During his time at State, he was involved in many unique activities all tied to NC State Entrepreneurship. From winning the first-ever Make-a-Thon and Wolf Den and third place at Lulu eGames, to pursuing two research opportunities and founding his own startup. Most recently, he was named an NC State Entrepreneurship Scholar for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

He is most proud of giving back to NC State Entrepreneurship by working as an Entrepreneurship Mentor in the Albright Entrepreneurs Village. This allowed him to pass his experience on to the underclassmen and provide guidance as they traverse the same challenges as he did. He is proud to have guided programming and events for the Albright Entrepreneurs Village, to cover nuanced entrepreneurship topics, and to help shape the new cohort of NC State entrepreneurs.