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Drew Lewis

Frank J. Newlands, M.D. Entrepreneurship Scholar and NC State Entrepreneurship Scholar


Frank J. Newlands, M.D. Entrepreneurship Scholar and NC State Entrepreneurship Scholar

Drew Lewis is a sophomore studying sustainable materials and technology at the College of Natural Resources. His goal in life is to do everything to his best ability, while always maintaining his core values of honesty, integrity and perseverance. 

In the Fall of 2020, he participated in the diversity and inclusion adventure experience through the Outdoor Adventure Center. They focused on considering the different points of view found in a diverse group of students, as well as how race and privilege can affect everyone differently. 

He looks forward to being a part of the Entrepreneurship Scholars and being able to represent the program to the highest standard. He also hopes to find more leadership roles on campus while building my network of like-minded peers – eventually bringing new ideas to life.