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Jessica Deler

4th Year, College of Design


Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Jessica found her way out to NC State University after previously attending school at the Savannah College of Arts and Design. She is in her 4th year of studying Architecture with a minor in Landscape Architecture at the College of Design.

In her 3rd year, she became a student mentor for the Albright Entrepreneurs Village, enjoying connecting with students alike in the community interested in entrepreneurship, some form or another. Through that position, she saw the opportunity to be a promoter and resource by becoming an NC State Entrepreneurship ambassador. Her goal as an ambassador is to use her platform to allow College of Design students to be aware of entrepreneurship. Her mission is to bring Design and Entrepreneurship together to allow designers greater opportunities outside the traditional route.

Outside of school, she is also interested in real estate as well as having her own business. She currently has her own e-commerce store. She believes that it is important to network both in and outside of the field. Being able to make connections and communicate with others, are important skills that do not strictly apply to being an entrepreneur but in life itself. Through networking, you have the opportunity to meet new people and individuals who you are able to learn from and that can help take you to the next level in life. She also believes that personal development is something that is an ongoing process and can always be improved.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys reading, dancing, and eating. She also likes to spend time with friends and family whenever possible.