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Grace Burrows

3rd Year, Accounting and Industrial Design


I am getting a dual degree in Accounting and Industrial Design. Despite seeming to have minimal things in common, they both provide a significant purpose to me. Accounting will give me the foundation I need to manage the cash flow of my business, and Industrial Design will teach me how to effectively design and create the product I want to sell. This combination of studies allows me to learn and work towards what I want to do: build a business from the ground up.

As an entrepreneurship ambassador, I hope to be able to connect even more students to our program and our garage. I knew I wanted to get involved in entrepreneurship at NC State, but didn’t initially know where to get started as a freshman. I would like to take part in spreading the message and increasing involvement.

Outside of the classroom and workfield, I like to bake/cook, go on hikes, play tennis, and travel.