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Flynn Cruse

Mechanical Engineering, Senior


Flynn is a senior at NC State studying Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering. His goal is to maintain strong interests in computers, robots, space travel, and entrepreneurship. Hee is currently developing heat-recycling technology to reduce the environmental impact of the computer industry.

As the new Vice President of Programming and Treasury, Flynn is excited to enhance the day-to-day operations of the Ambassador cohort by facilitating fun, meaningful activities and experiences.

Flynn is currently involved in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers where he designs, builds and tests robots. He is also a part of the Engineering Career Fair where he serves as a Student Team Lead working to facilitate, organize and create the largest career fair that NC State has to offer.

In his free time, Flynn designs and builds new projects, improves old projects and learns new skills. To relax, he enjoys gaming, spending time with friends and exercising.