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Ethan Turner

Sameer Murarka Entrepreneurship Scholar and NC State Entrepreneurship Scholar


Sameer Murarka Entrepreneurship Scholar and NC State Entrepreneurship Scholar

Ethan Turner is a sophomore studying electrical engineering at the College of Engineering.

During his first year at NC State, he worked at NC State’s Wellness and Recreation Center as a fitness assistant. Fitness has always been just as intriguing to him as entrepreneurship and his goal is to find ways to combine engineering with exercise and see where fitness routines could benefit from electrical engineering. Ethan’s main goal is to use electrical engineering to develop new analytical devices that would assist sports athletes or common, everyday gym-goers in using the proper technique and in finding a personalized routine that works best for them.

He is also a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity at NC State, where he has met many different guys with very different backgrounds and perspectives. Additionally, he is a part of NC State’s University Scholars program and was recently selected to be a part of NC State’s Entrepreneurship Ambassador program.