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Adarsh Arun

3rd Year, PCOM


I’m a Junior at the Poole College of Management, and I hope to consistently build products that will positively impact people’s lives.

 The NC State Entrepreneurship Ecosystem has been great in helping me work towards achieving that goal. Through its competitions, workshops, events, mentorship sessions, and unbelievably helpful staff,  resources and help are never too far away. I hope the community that the team is trying to build only grows larger and stronger, with like-minded students all looking to solve problems and help each other out.

As someone who has spent much of my life running after a tennis ball chasing the idea of pro tennis, the sport is still an important part of my life and identity. I’m also an unwavering Manchester United fan, and I absolutely love movies. I’m always looking to add new activities to a never-ending list of interests.

I hope to keep learning every day, expand my skillset and make great friends as I go along my journey with entrepreneurship.