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Fall 2021 – Entrepreneurship Garage Member Policy Updates

The Garage's main space and kitchen with the Engineering building in background

Hey WolfPack!

This article presents protocols and guidelines to help promote a safe and supportive environment at the Entrepreneurship Garage. We ask all the returning students, staff, faculty members and friends to please abide by the following guidelines:

Protect the Pack 

Know the symptoms and stay home if you are experiencing them

  • Symptoms include cough, shortness of breath, muscle pain, chills, loss of taste or smell, fever, sore throat.

Wash or Sanitize Hands

  • No-touch Hand Sanitizer dispensers can be found throughout the Garage. Practice good hand hygiene. Wash hands frequently, for 20 seconds at a time or use hand sanitizer.

Masks are mandatory in the Garage

  • Masks should be worn at all times when in the Garage – masks should cover both your mouth and nose.

Changes to the Garage and Classroom

Hours of Operation

  • Coworking – 24/7 access with ID to all members.
  • Prototyping – 24/7 access with ID to members that have completed safety training.

Doors and Access

  • Garage doors are unlocked 8am – 5pm. (exterior doors facing parking lot only.)
  • Doors lock promptly at 5pm, keep your ID with you at all times.
  • Hold ID card to door card reader and wait for green light.

Follow all Posted Signage

  • We’ve strategically placed informational signage throughout the space. Please read and follow all posted signs.

Garage Prototyping Space

Safety and Sanitization

  • Sanitize hands when entering the Prototyping Space.
  • Sanitize tools and equipment with supplied cleaning materials after use.

No Guests

  • To ensure the safety and security of the Garage Prototyping space, guests are not allowed.

Rental equipment

  • Rental equipment is available. (See Garage Moodle for more information.)

Equipment training

  • Certification training to gain access to 3D and laser equipment remains available through our online Moodle course. (visit your Wolfware projects page to see the “Entrepreneurship Garage” moodle.)
  • We are expanding our training offerings. Continue to monitor our Events page for upcoming offerings.


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