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Calling All Artists – iScribble is Your Next Adventure

For all of you artists and creatives, we found the perfect social distancing solution for you. iScribble is a SaaS platform that combines powerful drawing software with a social community, allowing artists to collaborate with one another in real-time.

iScribble’s mission is “to create a collaborative platform that fosters creativity between artists around the world.” Through real-time collaboration, iScribble allows complex collaborative work on any scale and provides resources and knowledge for artists of all levels to hone their skills as part of an expansive creative community.

About Téa

The CEO of iScribble, Téa Blumer, has had quite the journey with entrepreneurship and this company. Blumer is a Miller Fellowship graduate, Most Outstanding Woman of the Year 2018, and winner of NC State’s largest startup competition, the Lulu eGames back in 2019. She also has been recognized for her artistic skills on a state and international level, and was awarded NC State’s Visual Artist Award in 2019.

“Thanks to iScribble, individuals can draw together in real-time – no matter the distance,Blumer shares.

Competitive Advantage

iScribble possesses a few competitive advantages: a 13-year brand legacy; 630,000 previously registered users; and first-to-market status. Despite these advantages, Blumer has been hard at work to continue to develop and innovate. “We anticipate new companies to enter into this market and are exploring intellectual property asset development for exclusive rights for new software functionality,” Blumer says. iScribble’s simultaneous creation ability makes it especially notable in this industry.

Here are some photos of Tea’s journey and some artwork that has been created with iScribble.


As Blumer ventures through the re-launch of iScribble, she has received guidance from several mentors. Two of her mentors, JiNan Glasgow George and Lewis Sheats, had this to say about her journey.

JiNan Glasgow George, a leading global IP strategist and founder of NC State’s first entrepreneurship scholarship – the e5x Scholarship.

“I told Téa to do the networking, expand globally, and reach the highest level. Be bold about it.”



Lewis Sheats, Executive Director, NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic; Assistant Vice Provost, Entrepreneurship; Department of Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship

“Téa exemplifies NC State’s Think and Do attitude. She has pushed forward in development of iScribble learning and executing each step of the way. Her work ethic and energy is contagious.”


Moving Forward

As a pre-cursor for the kickstarter campaign, iScribble has just received its first investment from JiNan Glasgow George. This has gotten the ball rolling on the mission to bring back this fan-favorite, artistic software.

If any of the applications to the right look familiar, you may want to check out iScribble and its campaign because iScribble pulls inspiration and is connected in its ideals to all of these applications. It also pulls concepts from social media platforms to create a community and culture between artists across the world.

During our final conversation with Blumer she shared the following words: “So many iScribble users have come to me in these past few weeks exclaiming how they wish they could use iScribble. It’s a stressful time for many right now, and people need the creative inspiration and social connection that iScribble brings. With the increased appreciation for digital technology that connects people remotely I am hoping more will understand the value of iScribble and rise to the occasion to bring iScribble back.” 

Learn more about iScribble by visiting their website or signing up to be notified once their campaign goes live here.


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