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Have you ever wished and hoped and begged the world to give you a weekly live stream about all things entrepreneurship? Same here. So, we decided to start one! It’s called State of Entrepreneurship and it happens on Thursdays at 2:30pm.

State of Entrepreneurship is co-hosted by our Garage Manager, DC, and former intern/current superstar Marisa Celedonia. Sometimes, we have special guests come in to share their experiences, stories, and advice with you in order to make you a better entrepreneur. To get the best experience, comment any questions or thoughts you have directly on our live stream on Facebook or through Twitter @ncstateegarage and we’ll answer them on the spot!! Pretty nifty, amiright?

Dr. Tom Miller, Senior Vice Provost of Academic Outreach and Entrepreneurship, went live with us last week to tell us about how he became an entrepreneur and how he ended up launching entrepreneurial programs at NC State (such as the Entrepreneurship Initiative and the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program). One of the most important things he stressed was to be an effectual thinker rather than a causal thinker. AZ Central defines an effectual thinker as someone who doesn’t have a firm idea of where the company is headed (and that’s okay!). An effectual thinker focuses on a company’s assets, talents, and abilities, in order to find how those are most useful in the marketplace. In contrast, a casual thinker lays out a step-by-step path to a larger goal, but sometimes has a hard time dealing with unforeseen circumstances.

“Think about the big vision. Keep your eyes on the stars, but you have no idea how you’re going to get there or where you’re going to go. So be prepared to pivot, pivot, pivot.”

-Dr. Tom Miller

All of this advice from only ONE episode?! I know, it’s crazy. Imagine all the things you could learn about entrepreneurship if you watched all of our episodes. This live stream is totally about what you guys would like to learn about. Ask us your questions, tell us what you want to hear about. We want to help you be the best entrepreneur you can be and State of Entrepreneurship can help you get there.

Need to catch up? Here are the links to the video and audio only versions.

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