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Meet us on the Oval for Entrepalooza!

NC State’s entrepreneurship and innovation festival is back for round three on Thursday, September 7, 2017. The event will kick off at 5:30 PM on the Oval (the lawn between Hunt Library and the engineering buildings). Entrepalooza is a free event, but tickets are required. Visit ei.ncsu.edu/entrepalooza for full details and to access your ticket.


Entrepalooza first emerged from a need to showcase and celebrate the dynamic innovation flourishing at NC State University. From its humble roots, in only a few years, the event has evolved and grown in 2017 expected attendance breaching 1,000 guests. The growth is reflective of the exponential growth of NC State Entrepreneurship as a whole with programs ranging across all disciplines and areas of study. Read below to learn exactly why this event is one for the books.

What to expect

You’ve just arrived at Entrepalooza. You find the registration tent conveniently located at the end of the lawn by Hunt Library. You’ll check in and pick up your wristband and food ticket and make your way toward the food lines.

What’s this? Yes, that’s right. It’s Chick-fil-a sandwiches and snacks to power you up for your evening of exploration. So grab a ‘wich and snag a seat at a table with like-minded guests who you already have so much in common with–ok, so maybe all you have in common is that you all like to eat, but hey, that’s a great conversation starter.

When you’ve finished your meal, you meander from tent to tent through the showcase. You might learn to hand-letter your name from a Skillpop instructor or pet a pup and hear how Retrieving Hearts is improving the quality of life in our community. Or maybe you’ll get the chance to step inside Betabox‘s mobile makerspace or check out EcoPRT‘s self-driving car. Of course, there are countless other options to keep you busy until the pitch competition starts and one of those other options very well may be free gourmet cookies from The Cookie People.

You’ve been standing for almost an hour because you simply couldn’t choose what to go see so you went to see it all. Just when your legs are telling you to take a seat, so are we. So you take a seat in the shade and watch 15 students pitch their inventive business ventures for the chance to win $1,000.

Here’s the best part: YOU GET TO PICK THE WINNER. Ok, we gave you the power and it’s stressing you out because you don’t know which brilliant idea to choose. Fear not, we have every faith that you’ll figure it out. Decided? Go ahead and send in your vote.

You watch as the votes are finalized and the winner is announced. Maybe it’s the group you voted for, maybe it’s not. Either way, you’re reaping joy from the excitement on the winners’ faces. Why? Because you’re proud. Proud to be there. Proud to be a valuable member and curator of the culture of innovation that is NC State Entrepreneurship.

As you go home, a million thoughts are running through your head…chicken sandwiches, the cool things you did at the showcase, how your new friend crushed you at corn hole, more chicken sandwiches, the bright ideas of the fifteen on stage, etc.  But cutting through the noise, there is an excitement—you’ve been inspired by all that you’ve learned in a few short hours. That excitement translates to action as you go out and continue to explore your own capabilities as a creator and innovator in the world around you, now, with the invaluable asset of NC State Entrepreneurship backing you.

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