2017 Lulu eGames: Fan Favorite Video Voting OPEN!

Voting for the 2017 Lulu eGames: Fan Favorite Video competition is now open! As part of their entry requirements, each finalist team was required to submit a 60-second pitch video for their startup. Which video do YOU think is worth $500? Let us know by voting for your favorite.

Voting will remain open until Wednesday, April 18 at 5 PM.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see these times in person at the Lulu eGames LIVE event on Thursday, April 20! Register for your tickets here.


Finalists include Tiny Homes NC, BYT-No Pressure, VieMetrics, RipeNow, Ataristicians, Happy Pad, Kast Clothing, Rhythcor and SaKaroTec.

Finalists include Rhythcor, Escapades, Agoradocs, Re-cycle, VieMetrics, Lytly and Ripenow.

Finalists include Thrive Collective, Ataristicians, Atelier Ergonomics, Rhythcor, Rhythm, Medtraq and VieMetrics.

Finalists include Escapades, Thrive Collective, Atelier Ergonomics, Zaeyo, Crimson Moon Records, NextUp and Ataristicians.

Finalists include Kast Clothing, RipeNow, Re-Cycle, Medtraq, Ataristicians and Minimalo.


A special thanks to the City of Raleigh for their partnership with the 2017 Lulu eGames Fan Favorite Video competition.


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