5 Reasons Why Social Media Should Not Be Overlooked

1.) It’s Natural Selection for Marketing

As technology changes, so does the way that we market ourselves. Everyone is on the Internet now and newspapers or magazines alone are just not as effective. When used as a tool, social media can be one of most powerful ways for your company get ahead. If you’re not on it, well, you’re already behind.  

2.) It Puts You on the Same Level as Your Customers

Social media isn’t just pictures of Kim Kardashian (I love her, though) and thirteen year old kids posting relevant song lyrics as their Facebook statuses (me). Social media has the ability to connect people from all over the world through their similar interests and experiences. Social media marketing allows the business and the customer to be on the same level to enable a conversation and raise the quality of customer service. For example, if a customer is unsatisfied with a product, they can contact the company via direct message and they can quickly work out a solution. Once, I direct messaged Pringles on Twitter because I bought a half empty can and they responded the next morning. I got coupon for free Pringles in the mail the following week.


3.) Have fun with it!

Build a persona for your brand! Obviously, the persona will be different depending on your organization and it may be difficult to adapt if your social media persona is different than your individual persona. For example, Keebler Cookies pretends to be an elf who is just learning social media and has no clue how to use a computer. What personality you take on as a company or organization depends on both the type of organization you run and your audience. But, please remember that the because the Internet is so widely used, you will always get rude people no matter what your company’s persona is like.

4.) It Creates a Conversation

Don’t just talk at people – talk to them! People don’t just want to hear “buy our product” rephrased over and over again. Ben and Jerry’s is one of my favorite examples of A+ social media. They post articles about ice cream traditions around the world rather than just their ice cream, climate change, human rights, and politics. Their social media pages are not centered around them; instead, they encourage engagement and keep their content non-repetitive and interesting. Network with companies similar to your own company to build a credible presence. I used to market for a clinical trials organization and we always reposted and replied to our other clinical trials “buddies.” Social media is always about building a relationship whether it’s B2B or B2C.

5.) It’s fast paced

Social media is very quick. People will forget about a post 10 minutes after they see it because they are bombarded with hundreds of other posts about their friends, dogs, and random babies doing cute things. Chances are, they won’t remember your sponsored post the first time. They might not even see it considering that the average lifespan of a tweet is 24 minutes.  But, that means that you can post the same thing (with slightly different phrasing, of course) again! Some people think that because social media is so quick, it doesn’t need strategy or planning. Think about all of the times that you waited to post a cute selfie until “prime time” so you could get the maximum amount of likes. That’s strategy. You need to take into consideration the content of the post, the “prime time” for that platform, whether or not you need a picture attached to it, etc.

Social media is just going to grow bigger and better. There are always going to be new platforms, but trying to create an effective presence on too many platforms can hurt your brand. As always, be smart about your social media and post on!

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