Interview with Oliver Walsh, Winner of the 2015 Minute to Pitch It Competition

It’s that time of year again! Entrepalooza is coming up on Sept. 15 and along with it will be another Minute to Pitch It competition!

Last year’s winner was Oliver Walsh, a senior in electrical engeering, and the founder of ShareFish App. ShareFish is a mobile application that allows users to see the current running specials, male / female ratio, and relative distance from any venue in their area.

Wondering what he learned from the competition?

Here’s what he had to say about his Entrepalooza and Minute to Pitch It experience!

What was the Entrepalooza experience like?

“Entrepalooza was an amazing experience because I had never been so nervous to do something I loved in my entire life – pitching. It allowed me to learn more about myself and how I react in high pressure situations. It was an emotional roller coaster and I loved every second of it.”

How did it help you?

“Entrepalooza helped me because it allowed me to realize that I could do the things I didn’t believe possible. The $1,000 was really nice, but the more important take away for myself was the realization that I could do things I didn’t believe achievable if I put my mind to it.”

What progress have you made since then?

“Since I won Entrepalooza, I’ve assembled a team of 5 including myself, all students at NC State University. We’ve incorporated into ShareFish App, Inc. and have an app on the App Store – ShareFish. Since then, we’ve released 2 updates and have a third on the way. We’re generating revenue, with over 1,000 downloads, and currently serve 19 clients in Raleigh. (And working to grow all those numbers)”

What advice do you have for the students pitching this year?

“Be loose, don’t memorize anything. Jennifer Capps [EI’s director of academic programs] told me not to memorize anything but it was all that I knew at the time. Now when I pitch, I talk about what makes me excited (in my case, it is Sharefish, the app we are building). Talk about what makes you excited and others will be excited with you. And if you don’t win, it’s alright! It’s not over, it simply means… not yet. I’ve failed hundreds of times more than I’ve succeeded. Its necessary and builds you stronger.”

[ncsu-callout callout_content=”Entrepalooza was the kickstart to the greatest learning experience of my life. I would not be who I am with the mindset that I have today without it. I am truly so very thankful for NC State’s Entrepreneurship Initiative and all of its wonderful staff. – Oliver Walsh, Founder of ShareFish App” textalign=”textleft” img=”6867″ imgdisplay=”leftimg” textblockwidth=”textwidth100″ color=”genomicgreen” size=”full” align=”center”]

You can catch Oliver this year at Entrepalooza on Sept. 15As last year’s winner, he’ll be demoing his app ShareFish in the Innovation Lab. To learn more about the Minute the Pitch It competition and our new Built on Cloud prize from IBM, visit the Entrepalooza homepage. 

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  1. Keep up the great work, Oliver!

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